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The MSP Education Team of Team Med Global prides themselves on empowering the medical services community by serving as educators, teachers, facilitators, trainers, coaches, and mentors. Focusing on our MSP Core Competency Formula, Team Med Global uses a variety of modalities – including webinars, classrooms, teleconferencing, email, and education software – to equip MSPs and healthcare students with a desire to embrace and master the responsibilities of the healthcare industry through interactive exercises, case studies, and role-playing.

Skills Efficiency

Expertise or talent traits and abilities that make you a respected and competent healthcare professional. This platform builds your professional knowledge and helps you perform your job responsibilities and a broad scope of responsibilities with confidence.  These are the technical skills that contemporary MSPs must possess to be successful.

Skills Cores

MSP Core Competency

Personal Efficiency

Making use of all the resources (both personal and professional) you have at your disposal to enable you to master life and achieve both work and life goals.

Personal Cores

Lead Management

  • Select an appropriate leadership style for different situations
  • Set objectives, motivate, monitor performance, coach and mentor
  • Collaborate with others from a range of cultures and backgrounds

Planning, Organizing, and Time Management

  • Appropriate use of project and time management tools
  • Ability to prioritize

Commercial / Professional / Situational Awareness

  • Display commercial/situational acumen and knowledge of the current local and global business landscapes, industries, organizations and specific roles
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues both internally and externally
  • Build and maintain relationships
  • Basic understanding of the key drivers for success in the current landscape and situation
  • Understanding of the importance of innovation and taking calculated risks


  • Effectively perform within team environments and recognize and capitalize on individuals’ different thinking, experience and skills
  • Persuade, negotiate and influence others
  • Collaborate with others from a range of cultures and backgrounds
  • Seek and value open feedback to increase their self-awareness of working with a team

Assertiveness and Confidence

  • Provide direction for tasks and colleagues in a confident and effective manner
  • Acquire skills for working in teams and groups and leading where appropriate
  • Follow the lead of others when the context demands it
  • Use judgement to determine when it is appropriate to question others

Change Management 

  • Responsiveness, flexibility and proactivity to changing surroundings
  • Recognize, initiate and manage change
  • Tactfully handle difficult conversations about performance or change
  • Manage a project, work in a team, and communicate and persuade—both orally and in writing
  • Formulate, evaluate and apply evidence-based solutions and arguments

Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

  • Broad, innovative approach, creativity, collaboration and risk taking
  • Commercially/professionally/situationally aware, creative, entrepreneurial and numerate
  • Inventive thinking—adaptability, managing complexity and self-direction 


  • Effectively adapt emotions, thoughts and behaviors to environments that may be unfamiliar, uncertain and/or diverse

Career Efficiency

The abilities you have that enable you to do your job and manage your career or drive your career plan. These abilities will ensure that you are able to reach your career goals, negotiate your salary and prepare for your future with greater confidence.  This competence will help build your network as you learn from your experiences and understand your true professional identity. Career power will develop your ability to recognize position opportunities and threats and prepare you for a state of ongoing readiness.

Career Cores

Build your professional portfolio and include your job description, resume, professional photograph, biographical sketch, accomplishments report, and performance profile. Interviewing skills, ongoing learning, and career planning will provide the foundation that allows you to meet your career goals, feel greater value as a healthcare professional and earn what you are worth.

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Training and Webinars

Statistics show that online MSP education in the healthcare industry is expanding. Our webinars are structured to accommodate the latest educational platforms utilizing the latest technology.

Team Med Global researches, develops, produces and delivers high-quality, cutting-edge educational programming in partnership with IntelliSoft Group and symplr and other healthcare organizations.

Our curriculum will keep you informed of the most relevant topics and increase your knowledge about the latest innovations in the industry, allowing for maximum growth in your career. Never stop learning!

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