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DustyI seek inspiration and strength in others. One of those people includes my wonderful nephew, Dusty, who is a graduate of Quincy University where he played football. Dusty was in a car accident on December 1, 2008, just after the Thanksgiving holiday. That accident caused him to relearn everything that you and I take for granted – how to walk, how to talk, and more.

After the accident, we put up a sign on Route 143 near Highland, Illinois, that said, “Pray for Dusty,” and it still stands 5 years later. I am very thankful that no one has taken it down because the sign, in a different way, is a gift. It gives people pause. It can help us to remember that life is precious – that reminder is always powerful!

Through the power of his own determination and with the help of others, Dusty has gone from essentially being a quadriplegic to walking on his own with assistance. This whole experience with Dusty has also given me an unwavering belief in myself and in my abilities. I began to further cultivate an unswerving confidence and a relentless vision and attitude of purpose that we, as professional, have to stay focused on our own goals. After all, if Dusty can achieve all that he has done already, including graduating college, I can surely have the ability to help others, too.

I hope this entry helps you pause to reflect on your gifts and your value. Thank you, readers, for hanging with me these past many years! You all mean so much to me!

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