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Credentialing Tool

Are you looking for a tool to put in your toolkit to help you remain compliant during your credentialing verification process? Your search ends here! Learn more about our innovative, cutting-edge credentialing tool »

MSP Competency Network

The MSP Competency Network, an elite group of MSPs from all disciplines and levels, is a network that participates in exclusive polls and shares information with one another. Each year, the Annual MSP Masters Class is offered to members of the MSP Competency Network. Learn more »


Need some inspiration? Looking for some pointers on self-improvement in your industry? Check out our blog posts! We will provide you with two blog posts each month for you to help keep you motivated and informed on the ever-changing health industry! Check out our blogs »

Webinar Tools

Here are the most recent tools from Team Med Global’s webinars.
AHP Project Definition of Degrees
AHP Project Matrix Resource

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