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Reach For Your Dreams!

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How often are we told that the sky is the limit and that every wish we want to acquire or accomplish can come true if we put our minds to it? Perhaps it seems like a cliché to many people who may feel jaded from experiencing countless rejections and living in a currently financially strained time. They may feel as if dreams are worthless and are too costly or dangerous to pursue or that it doesn’t matter in the end. Well, I’m here… Read more »

Knowledge Points – Regina Searcy, Medical Staff Reappointment Coordinator

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  This month’s Knowledge Points features Regina Searcy, Medical Staff Reappointment Coordinator at Baptist Health in Montgomery, Alabama. She started in Medical Staff Services over 15 years ago when she began working as the Administrative Assistant in a hospital. After some time, she submitted a proposal to the administration and the Medical Staff Leaders requesting a Medical Staff Coordinator position be created, recommending that she be assigned to this new position. Her demonstration of having a great vision, willingness to take risks, and… Read more »

The Importance of Being Earnest – How Honesty and Integrity Propel Your Career

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There are several qualities that good leaders possess that make them effective, but perhaps the two greatest core qualities MSPs must have are honesty and integrity. I possess and practice these two qualities in my personal and professional life, and my reputation has been built upon these foundational principles. If I can credit anything for helping me thrive in my industry, it is these two core principles. It’s one thing to survive in your job, but it is quite another thing to thrive… Read more »

Follow the Pathway of Success to Lead the Field!

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We hear so much about personal accountability these days. This idea of personal accountability extends to our actions in both our personal and our professional lives. We have obligations to our families, duties to attend to in our professions, and responsibilities for our own personal actions each and every day. So who is responsible for your career success as an MSP? YOU are! So how does one follow the pathway to success? One must take the initiative of his or her career, get… Read more »

Feeling Burned Out at Work? Here’s How You Can Fix It!

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Have you been feeling like the walking dead when you go to work? Do you saunter out of bed, drag yourself through the workday, and lumber home afterward, your brain on autopilot practically the whole time? If this sounds familiar to you, then you are probably suffering from job burnout (or at least a lack of inspiration)! Job burnout goes hand-in-hand with feeling like you’re in a rut. One leads to another, and as with health issues, prevention is the best strategy. It… Read more »

Built For Success – A Hospital Administrator’s Checklist for MSP Success

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An MSP’s job is hard – there is no doubt about that whatsoever. You have many responsibilities, policies to uphold, and, of course, patients to care for and serve. There are many within the system and on the outside looking in that do not understand or possibly do not appreciate what you do for the industry day in and day out. Leading a healthcare system with varied services, I truly recognize that MSPs are an invaluable part of our organization. The industry could… Read more »

Tap the Power of Your Inner CEO

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Hey, MSPs! I have a quick yet serious question for you – are you CEO material? Before you tune out on me because you think you are simply an MSP and not a CEO, STOP! You CAN be both. In fact, you MUST be both! Because guess what? EVERYONE is the CEO in his or her own career. The key is to connect with that CEO within you to guide you on the path to success. I firmly believe in the concept of… Read more »

Hey, MSPs! It’s Time to Update Your GPS and Find Your True North!

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The GPS is a wonderful invention that many of us take for granted. It points us in the right direction and tells us the best way to go to get to our destination ahead. Not only can this device be found in our vehicles, but they can also be found within ourselves. We follow a compass, so to speak, to help direct ourselves to what we feel is right or what will lead us to more success. So what is the future direction… Read more »