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Spring Outside the Box and Reinvent Yourself for Success!

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Take a look out the window for a moment – what do you notice? If you’ve been paying careful attention these past few weeks, you’ll see that the grass has grown greener and the leaves are becoming more and more decorated with their brand-new leaves. The birds have returned to their nests, and the breeze blows warm air to kiss our skin. Nature is in the process of renewing itself for another great year! We know that this sort of thing happens around… Read more »

I’m So Tired of My Disruptive Coworkers!

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Do you have to work with or manage disruptive coworkers? At times, a coworker’s underlying sentiments may become reflected in his or her behavior, which can then become detrimental to the work environment and counteract with productivity, let alone frustrate the other employees around you. Changing your view and feelings toward situations will have an effect on entities outside of yourself. Your behavior is a reflection of your thoughts, cares, and morals. Contrary to popular belief, those three factors within you are not… Read more »

Donna’s Question of the Week – Hospital Committees

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Committees are great to have in an organization. When effective, they include a strong leader as a chair, meet at the right frequency, include the right people, have a clear agenda, promote pointed discussions, and take definitive actions. One of the most important committee meetings that is supported by MSPs is the Credentials Committee. This committee has had a long history of including as its members physicians only. Change is upon us and this is another area where reinventing the Credentials Committee with… Read more »

I am just not confident enough…

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“To whom much is given, much is asked.” As an MSP, you are beyond talented, which at times requires you to take on many obligations. Realizing that you cannot conquer everything in a day does not constitute you as a failure! Continuously going back the next day and the next day shows that you have the courage to attain your goals even at the face of adversity. Keep your head held high, MSPs, and keep on SMILING!

I’m Still Not Getting Any Sleep…

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As an MSP, your dreams matter and should always be taken seriously. Usually, those are the keys to elevating you to the next level of success! Keep dreaming and believing in yourselves, MSPs! By allowing yourself to partake in your wildest dreams, you will visualize your goals more clearly and will have an even more unquenchable thirst to achieve them. I know you can do it!

I Just Feel Lost Sometimes…

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Being an MSP is undoubtedly tiring work. Sometimes we may get lost in our journey to self-betterment and wonder why we do what we do. As an MSP, your journey may not always align with your dreams, but if you continue striving forward, you will gain the courage to be a trailblazer and make a true difference as an MSP!

It’s Official – I’m Quitting!

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Being an MSP requires you to give 1,000% of an effort to attain the success you are destined to realize, but it is undoubtedly well worth it! To achieve what you desire, you must be willing to give everything and leave nothing behind. Remember, you truly have the capacity to achieve great things that will forever change lives within the medical field for the better!

MSP Question of the Month – Meeting Management

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Meetings are very important for everyone in the workforce, especially MSPs. They help keep everyone on track and in-the-know around the organization. The way agendas for these meetings are handled differ from place to place; however, there seems to be one of two very distinct ways of handling agendas. Some organizations include their names of everyone in attendance on the agendas while others might include the names on the minutes of the agenda. Once again, I took to social media to see what… Read more »

I am sick and tired of FALLING

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Do you ever feel overworked and unappreciated? Do you feel some days that you’re just tired of falling? You might get frustrated and discouraged, MSPs, but remember that falling is indeed movement. It is movement in the right direction – forward! No matter what, even if you fall, find the courage and strength to pick yourself up once more and persevere. You’ll be amazed at the results!

You Don’t Have to Hold a Position to Be a Leader!

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Each workplace has its ups and downs, and MSPs are no stranger to this fact. While it may be true that MSPs and other staff in the hospital are working harmoniously together to solve their problems and protect the patient’s safety, there will always be some form of disruptive behavior, which can negatively impact patient care, employee satisfaction, and overall morale. Think about it for a moment. You know an excellent surgeon with fabulous technical skills who possesses a depth of knowledge and… Read more »