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IntelliSoft and Team Med Global Healthcare Consulting: QI in Action for the Non-Physician Practitioner

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With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, millions of additional lives were injected into the U.S. Healthcare System. This number was much larger than the number of practicing physicians, particularly primary care, could effectively manage, and as a means of alleviating such a heavy patient load, the use of the non-physician practitioner (NPP) became common practice in the provision of patient care. In our last session, we discussed one of several challenges the infusion of the non-physician into mainstream healthcare… Read more »

This Is Not a Drill! Outshine the Rest and Propel Your Credentialing Career Forward!

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As you are probably aware, there are significant changes taking place in the healthcare industry, particularly in the practice specialty of credentialing. We are constantly expected to do more with less as consolidations take place and administrators are forced to make difficult decisions. If we don’t take the time to reevaluate our workload and maximize our efficiency by finding new ways to accomplish tasks, administrators will come in and clean house. Now is the time to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to your… Read more »

Make Surviving a Merger or Acquisition a Piece of Cake!

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There’s no doubt about it – things are moving and shaking in the healthcare industry! Last year, we saw healthcare transactions go through the roof and set a $563 billion record, and it doesn’t look like there are any signs of stopping anytime soon. Hospitals are creating more and more partnerships, joint ventures, and affiliates with smaller hospitals, and the healthcare landscape continues to shift and change even more. As all of these ownership changes occur, MSPs are feeling the squeeze. Times are… Read more »

If You Can Dream It, You CAN Achieve It Through Perseverance!

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As MSPs, many of us will experience several ups, downs, and challenges in our lives. During times of stress, it can feel as if we are being bombarded from practically every angle, and it can be so easy to feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and paralyzed with indecision and fear. When you encounter these times in your life, you may feel tempted to throw in the towel and give up on your goals and dreams. Resist the urge to give in and persevere! I myself… Read more »

I Can See Clearly Now… Payor Enrollment

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No one likes change. Many of us like having the same routine, having the same expectations of us at work, and want to keep much of our work life the same. When change comes around, it can cause us a lot of grief. Some of us may try to fight it while others hide from it or reluctantly go with the flow. What I’m seeing clearly at this moment is that payor enrollment is indeed part of the medical staff services industry, and… Read more »

MSP Question of the Month – Physician Retirements

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Retirement for physicians can be a very exciting time in their lives. It is usually filled to the brim with endearing thoughts of one’s colleagues, memories of all the good times spent in the workplace, and well-deserved satisfaction for the lives saved and made better due to their efforts. There are also some physicians who struggle with the decision of retirement because it is often times the only thing they know to do and are usually way over-qualified to do anything else that… Read more »

My Answer Is NO!

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Being in a position in which people depend on you can become overwhelming at times. A wise man once said, “If you want something to get done, give it to someone who is already busy.” Although this quote is partially factual, it doesn’t need to be followed to the letter. MSPs tend to experience being asked to do more than they can bear. During these experiences, MSPs will feel obligated to fulfill whatever command that is being propelled their way. We value the… Read more »

Working 9 to 5 Is So Passe

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People all around the world wake up, go to work, and head home only to repeat it all over again the next day. This appears to be the most common routine for most. The issue with this is that routine can often lead to feeling burned out, and that sensation can often lead to a lack of productivity. Doing more than what is expected within the workforce is a trend that is becoming a lot more prevalent in society as well. Simply working… Read more »

I Can’t Handle Learning Another System!

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Within today’s changing times, technology is becoming more and more valuable within the workforce. This revelation is providing many businesses in different fields useful software programs that will significantly enhance their efficiency. The downside of this epidemic is that users of the software will have to continuously become proficient in the software upgrades. Is this really a downside, though? NO! MSPs, you should always strive to stay ahead of your organizations’ new technology. Educating yourself on a new software may seem tedious and… Read more »

I Can’t Take on Another New Project

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Contrary to popular belief, everyone is a thief; we are all thieves of ideas. This is how our society advances because someone somewhere figures out another use for an existing idea or concept, adds to it with their own interpretation, and improves it. This is how the world thrives. To view this logic on a microscopic scale, learning new things will enhance an individual. Before one must learn something new, he or she must be willing to learn new things. Many times MSPs… Read more »