Want to Be Successful? Motivation Is the Key!

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There’s no denying it – MSPs have a challenging job. While you constantly work hard to meet all the needs of your administrators and the deadlines looming in front of you, you make it your mission to ensure that patients are safe and cared for properly. It’s certainly not a job that everyone can do well!

You may feel as if your value as an MSP is going unrecognized. Maybe you feel invisible, taken advantage of, and unappreciated, and understandably so as we are constantly asked to do more with less. But let me tell you, MSPs – you are not worthless or unnecessary. You are needed now more than ever!

Why? Because you are selfless, caring individuals who strive forward in the face of adversity, and the world needs more of those types of people. Actually, the industry needs more MSPs!

Believe me, this can be hard to accept on those hard days when mustering a smile seems like the most difficult thing in the world. But it’s absolutely true. You just need to start owning your value as an MSP!

It can be so hard to let yourself slip into a negative headspace and go through the motions while you wonder if your contributions even matter. You can certainly feel those things, but don’t let them pull you under and rule you! Remember, you still have a choice in how you handle your feelings and react to obstacles in your way. Instead, reach out for something that motivates or inspires you to continue down the path to success.

Here are a few ways you can make that happen:

*Surround yourself with positive people. Positivity is infectious and can make even the cloudiest days seem a little brighter.

*Find others like you. These could be colleagues from your local, state, or national organizations or even people within your own facility. Stay close to those understanding individuals who speak the same language as you. They’re invaluable!

*Avoid absorbing negativity as much as possible. Instead, do the things that make you happy and productive.

*Laugh. It really is the best medicine!

*Reach out to those you hold closest in your heart. No matter how down you may feel, remember that someone out there is caring about you and wishing nothing but good things for you. It’s a very humbling feeling!

*Be a guiding light for others. Sometimes we can get the greatest joy out of giving to others. If you see a colleague struggling, offer a helping hand and listen to their frustrations.

*Do good. Acts of kindness have a more profound effect on others than you might think. Give a compliment. Smile sincerely at someone. Bring a cup of coffee or a small pastry to a colleague who seems stressed. These small actions can make such a huge difference!

MSPs, when you feed yourselves with the things that inspire you, you’ll find that your motivation to succeed renewed. Keep doing your best – I believe in you! SMILE!

2 Responses to “Want to Be Successful? Motivation Is the Key!”


    Thanks, Donna, for the inspiring words. We’re in the midst of a software conversion (enough said!) so it’s been a challenging few months to say the least.
    This was much needed. Thanks, my friend!

  2. Sandi Hudson

    You always bring a smile to my face! I love that you are always uplifting us and you always look to the positive of every situation. You help me maintain a positive attitude no matter what things look like! Thank you a million times over for just being you!!!!! : )


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