The Only Thing to Fear Is Fear Itself

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Fear and uncertainty are a part of everyday life, especially at work. “What are we going to do about budget cuts?” “Will I be laid off?” This uncertainty makes us question whether we’re good enough or deserve to be where we are. Instead of letting fear pull you down, harness it and let it fuel you to become better.

Learn a new skill, take a class, and let fear be your motivator. By bettering yourself, you will become invaluable as an employee. Your skills and new-found confidence will set you apart from your coworkers, who are likely bogged down by fear as well.

Don’t let fear rule you – take ownership of your life. How you react in negative situations can define you. Instead of cowering, turn that negative into a positive. Becoming a better version of yourself will not only positively impact your work life, but all other aspects of your life as well. As Stephen Richards said, “When you’re scared, you stay as you are!”

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