The 10 Golden Rules of the MSP Code of Conduct

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There’s no doubt about it – it’s easy to stay inside our comfort zone. It can be so tempting to live our lives on autopilot, cruising through our days, getting the bare minimum done at work, coming home and crashing on the couch as we mindlessly binge-watch television until we go to bed and start the whole cycle again the next day.

Sure, this is easy to do. But is it fulfilling? I’m betting that you’re shaking your head “no” as you read this.

As MSPs, it’s important to remember to rise to the challenge of being the best we can be each day. We must do what we can to reach our fullest potential to serve the greater good, patients, providers, our colleagues, and ourselves as well. You alone have the power to choose greatness – all you have to do is have the courage to emerge from your cocoon of comfort and spread your wings.

Healthcare will continue to evolve, but if you want to become exceptional an MSP, you must always stick to the 10 Golden Rules of the MSP Code of Conduct:

MSPs Are Strong But Not Impolite: MSPs are powerful and capable team players. They carry themselves confidently, but they are never rude to others around them. They simply believe in their abilities and exude an air of confidence in all that they do.

MSPs Are Kind But Not Weak: Never mistake kindness for weakness. They are not the same. Kindness is having the strength to reach out to others in need and to speak truthfully. It is a strength that requires us to lay the truth on the line regardless of the consequences. We must be willing to be kind enough to care for our fellow colleagues, physicians, administrators, and our own wellbeing.

MSPs Are Bold But Not Belittling: Just because you are bold doesn’t mean you are a bully (or gives you license to become one). Assertiveness is never aggressive. You must simply be willing to step forward, tackle the obstacles in front of you, and seize the moment – good and bad – every single day.

MSPs Are Humble But Not Timid: Remember, MSPs – humility is a virtue. It evokes a sense of wonder toward the world around us and an awareness of others in our midst. Humility enables us to put others before us, to seek understanding, and to bridge the distance between us. Timidity hones the focus on ourselves and our weaknesses: the self-conscious bunching up of shoulders and hiding from ourselves, others, and opportunities that come our way. Strive to be humble, not timid.

MSPs Are Proud But Not Arrogant: There is a difference between having pride and being prideful. Pride builds ambition, self-respect, and accomplishment. Being prideful shows superiority and disdain toward others in the form of arrogance. We all know that we are part of a team; none of us are better than anyone else. It takes a strong team to build something worthwhile – be proud of who you are and where you come from, and respect those with whom you work alongside each day.

MSPs Are Humorous But Not Foolish: MSPs don’t have to be stern and serious all the time. In fact, it’s advantageous to have a good sense of humor or a quick wit about us. We can use our humor to connect positively with others but never to harm or appear unprofessional.

MSPs Accept the Whole Package of Life: Life isn’t predictable or clean-cut. It is often messy, difficult, and full of surprises. MSPs are adept at handling change with grace and accept the entirety of life. Besides, MSPs know that amidst all the chaos, life is beautiful and fascinating, and they savor each day and tackle every challenge as it appears.

MSPs Are Brave and Innovative: The successful MSP is a pioneer who thinks outside of the box. MSPs are also courageous enough to voice their opinions and take the road less traveled, blazing a brilliant trail for all to see and follow. They aren’t afraid to try new procedures when old ones become inefficient.

MSPs Make Themselves and Those Around Them Better: Effective MSPs act as a beacon of light that guides others around them. They are positive influences on their colleagues and work to build themselves up as well. That means they are open to furthering their formal education, learning something new every day, and addressing their weaknesses in healthy, positive ways.

MSPs Are Passionate: Last but not least, MSPs exude passion. They’re not just passionate about their professional careers – they also hold a great zeal for life in general. They put a lot of heart in whatever they choose to tackle and will see a project to the end.

These attributes work well not just in the workplace but also at home and in the community. Abide by them and you will find that you will become an even more effective and successful MSP. I know you can do it!

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  1. Kimberly Oswald

    I’m going to proudly display this for my staff! Thank you Donna!


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