Tap the Power of Your Inner CEO

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Hey, MSPs! I have a quick yet serious question for you – are you CEO material?

Before you tune out on me because you think you are simply an MSP and not a CEO, STOP! You CAN be both. In fact, you MUST be both! Because guess what? EVERYONE is the CEO in his or her own career. The key is to connect with that CEO within you to guide you on the path to success.

I firmly believe in the concept of an inner CEO. In fact, my inner CEO drove me to become a consultant with the goal of helping MSPs perform to their greatest potential and highest level of competence. I am committed to helping my colleagues and our industry, and I listen to my inner CEO for any and all ideas that will help my business and others around me.

The next step is to take your ideas and put them into action! One fundamental idea at the heart of all I do is to look at the MSP as a holistic professional. Yes, technical skills are important, but it’s more important to look at the whole person first to note strengths, challenges, and opportunities. When MSPs see themselves in this holistic light, they have greater clarity on what direction to proceed and what areas they need to build more competence. As a consultant, it’s fulfilling to watch MSPs unlock their potential and truly flourish personally and professionally.

My passion is to be a champion for MSPs in the ever-changing arena of healthcare. I’ve seen and heard the need all over the country when I’ve spoken to various groups. That’s why I’ve been working on a national level to help build on a collaborative approach. It’s important to understand that your job as an MSP is so much more than just churning out work. The MSP role is evolving with exciting new possibilities! Put your inner CEO to work to make sure you’re in the best position to take advantage of these opportunities!

So what types of ideas are hidden inside your CEO briefcase? I’d love to hear about them! Join the discussion on my Facebook page or on LinkedIn. You can also email me at donna@teammedglobal.com. If you’re ever in need of a mentor who will support you and help you to evolve even further, then check out my website at www.teammedglobal.com!

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