Spring Outside the Box and Reinvent Yourself for Success!

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Take a look out the window for a moment – what do you notice? If you’ve been paying careful attention these past few weeks, you’ll see that the grass has grown greener and the leaves are becoming more and more decorated with their brand-new leaves. The birds have returned to their nests, and the breeze blows warm air to kiss our skin. Nature is in the process of renewing itself for another great year!

We know that this sort of thing happens around this time every year in nature. We’ve come to expect it. But what about ourselves? Have we been taking the time to transform or reinvent ourselves to be a better, newly-prepared version of ourselves?

It’s well past time for MSPs to showcase their value to their organization. The only way to do so is by giving administration and medical staff leaders something different. We just have to get noticed in a good way! How do you do this? Use this time of rebirth in nature to motivate you to present yourself differently, offer ideas, take the lead by automating your processes, be creative by leading department redesign initiatives, and fine-tune your customer service skills that help set your level of service out from the rest of your organization’s culture. When was the last time that you contacted your credentialing software vendor to ask how they can help you maximize their product? Use your networking skills locally and nationally to get a pulse on what others are doing within their organizations that has made a difference.

Don’t let the prospect of your reinvention scare you – this is an exciting time! You are in the driver’s seat! You have many skills and lots of talent that may be going unnoticed. Let go of the old if it’s not working for you anymore, reach out to the new, and hold on. Getting noticed in a good way is something different but so very powerful! During this reinventing experience, remember to SMILE!

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