Spring Clean Your Life to Reach Your Fullest Potential!

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Can you feel it? Spring is in the air, MSPs! Spring is the time of year in which we can see the world with fresh eyes. The cozy covering of winter has vanished, and we emerge in a fresh landscape that is decorated in vibrant shades of pink, green, violet, and yellow. We can just feel it in our bones – that itch to grow, clean out the clutter in our lives, and flourish like beautiful daffodils.

It’s time to emerge from your wintry cave of complacency and rediscover yourself and your value as an MSP! When you do this, you will find yourself blooming into an all new you, maybe even a version of yourself that you never thought could be possible. But how do you begin?

Think of yourself as a garden. In the spring and summer, they are colorful and full of life. They create a sense of awe in all who see them. But creating a beautiful garden requires attention and a bit of work, and right now, your garden is lying dormant under the cloak of winter. It’s time to step out into the sunlight, grab our trowels and clippers, and begin to cultivate the ground. It’s time to clean out the weeds, lay down some new mulch, and give plenty of love and attention to our gardens. With ongoing motivation and care, in time, you will be rewarded with some of the most beautiful blooms you’ve ever seen!

Here are just a few ways that you can reach your fullest potential this spring:

Reorganize Your Documents – Have you noticed that your desktop is cluttered with dozens of files? Is your desk or your filing cabinet overflowing with old documents that you haven’t gotten around to shredding? Now is the time to get your files in order and reorganize your work life. Begin reviewing your documents, databases, and files to see which ones you still need and which ones are obsolete. When your files are in order, you’ll feel more in order yourself!

Reinvent Your Methods – As you go through your day, think to yourself, “Is there a better way that can help me accomplish my goals more efficiently?” Maybe it’s emailing your colleague instead of using the fax machine. Maybe you need to look into new educational opportunities for your personal development. If you’re not sure where to begin, try brainstorming with your colleagues. See what you can come up with and give your ideas a shot – you might be surprised how your new solutions can change your workflow for the better!

Renew Your Attitude – How has your attitude been lately? Take a good, honest look. If you’ve found that your attitude has been lacking lately, do what you can to emulate the sunshine and warmth outside. Talk to someone positive. Do something you enjoy after your workday. Place inspirational sticky notes around your desk to keep you motivated. Attitude is everything and can make your days both more productive and more enjoyable!

Rediscover Your Passion – We can all get caught up in the mundane tasks of our jobs. It’s easy to find ourselves going through the motions of getting our work done. Let the opportunity of spring give you the motivation to rediscover the passion you have for your job! Remember all of the reasons that make you get up and show up every morning, write them down, and read them frequently.

Rejuvenate Your Spirits – Do you have the tendency to associate with negative people or those who bring you down? Have you found yourself becoming more pessimistic in turn? A healthy garden cannot grow into something beautiful with weak soil and poor nutrients. Surround yourself with positive people to rejuvenate your energy. Seek them out if you don’t have them in your life already. Search for people who just get you and care about you, the ones who fill your cup and build you up every single day.

MSPs, you are an incredible asset to your organization. You are not only the gatekeepers of patient safety, but you are also making a great difference in the world around you! No one can do exactly what you can do – remember that. So don’t wait. Use spring as your opportunity to make the changes you want to make and grow into the person you were meant to become. I believe in you! SMILE!

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