Keep Your Eye on the Target!

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Life is certainly full of adventure! At many points in our lives, we will experience times of joy, times of sorrow, and times of great stress and turmoil. When there is a great deal of things coming at you from seemingly every angle, it can be so easy to become overwhelmed, frustrated, and paralyzed with fear. It’s so incredibly tempting to lie down, throw in the towel, and give up.

I’m here to tell you that you are much stronger than you think you are! Don’t let that wave of helplessness wash over you. Instead, in times like these, you need to gather the courage to look your frustrations and fear in the face, lift up your chin, and keep your eye on the target to achieve your goals.

I know that this may seem to be an insurmountable prospect with how many events and crises may be occurring in your life right now, but believe me when I say that you can do it! In fact, I, too, have just faced a time of great stress and turmoil. I just completed a extremely busy speaking and travel schedule this spring, and I had to delicately balance my many client projects, my other work responsibilities, my personal commitments, and the unexpected challenges that occur when you rely on air travel to get you where you’re going. There were a couple of times I wasn’t sure I could continue. What made the difference? I remained focused on my target! Giving my clients, audience, and students the very best that I have to offer by way of my knowledge, experience, compassion, humor, and style is what helped me stay on task. In my darkest moment – being diverted to two different airports due to weather conditions and finally arriving to the hotel after an 18-hour experience – this single desire was what motivated me to stay the course. This desire was the light at the end of my travel tunnel.

MSPs, you encounter this and more in your many different working environments. I know that you have pressures coming to you from your boss, staff, organizations, as well as your personal life. It’s so hard to stay focused and positive in these situations, but never ever give up, even if you think you’re not making any progress. I assure you that you are and that your dedication for the higher good – patient safety and satisfied customers – is going to be the lamp that lights the pathway in darker times and will help see you through!

Stay strong, indulge in positive self-talk for encouragement, SMILE, and you will achieve your goals!

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