Follow the Pathway of Success to Lead the Field!

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We hear so much about personal accountability these days. This idea of personal accountability extends to our actions in both our personal and our professional lives. We have obligations to our families, duties to attend to in our professions, and responsibilities for our own personal actions each and every day.

So who is responsible for your career success as an MSP?

YOU are!

So how does one follow the pathway to success? One must take the initiative of his or her career, get involved with professional organizations, and, of course, be able to change with the ever-evolving industry.

Take the Reins – WE are responsible for our career development, NOT our employer! Take initiative to develop your career. Don’t wait for your department head to suggest a conference that you should attend or a certification you should pursue. Instead, seek out opportunities yourself and take steps to make them happen. We determine the direction we’re pointing in. We determine how far we want to go. We determine our own success!

Get Involved – Professional development comes from continuing to grow. Join professional organizations such as NAMSS (National Association of Medical Staff Services) and get involved as a volunteer. The opportunities are invaluable for you today and for the future of your career. You’re the “go-to” person when it comes to your career development.

Evolve With the Industry – You offer your organization significant value as an MSP. Yet change is an inevitable part of any career field. For the MSP industry to continue to evolve, we must embrace and collaborate with other healthcare departments and professionals. As we elevate our role and perception through professional development, we can lead the charge for better patient care. Make it a priority to build your skills, stay current in certifications and practices, and present and package yourself well.

As you amp up your professionalism, you’ll stand out in the organization and you’ll ultimately boost your career AND your value as an MSP. If you would like to have more tips on how to follow the pathway to success, don’t hesitate to give me a call at (618) 830-0057, visit our website at, or email me at Until then, aim high and remember to SMILE!

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