Don’t Let Challenges Stop You From Reaching Your Goals

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Hello, colleagues! I hope that you have had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic New Year! As unimaginable as it may seem, we have bid farewell to 2012 and have only gotten into the first few weeks of 2013. Many of you have probably made resolutions to better yourselves and your practices in your personal and professional lives for 2013. If so, I applaud you! Wanting to better yourselves personally or professionally is a healthy way to begin the new year!

As the year progresses, however, you will no doubt face some challenges along the way. Remember, there is only one of two ways that you can react to each challenge you encounter. You can choose to let your challenges be a stop sign to your goals, or you can choose to let these hardships be a motivator to help you achieve what you have set out to do.

Yes, challenges can be very hard to face. You may even feel the need or want to retreat and stick your head in the sand and ignore any obstacle that comes your way. Instead of fearing anything that dares to stand in your way, view it as an opportunity to something greater!

When you choose to flee from a roadblock, you may find it could very well destroy what you want to attain in life and can also dismantle your trust and ability to move forward. On the other hand, if you decide to confront your challenges head-on and reach into the deepest parts of who you are, you’ll find that your experiences will help make you stronger and more courageous when more obstacles come your way in the future. This confidence that you will gain is immense and quite a force to be reckoned with, especially in the face of adversity. Remember, something very well might appear to be insurmountable to you, but you will prevail through all challenges. As the old saying goes, “God never gives you more than you can handle.”

This year, I challenge you to continue with your resolutions and goals and see them through until the very end, in spite of any and all obstacles that you encounter. You will find that in the end you will not only obtain your goals, but you will also grow as a person. Keep telling yourself that you can do it – I know you can! And always remember to SMILE!

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