Don’t Be Afraid To Tie Yourself Up In a Nice Bow and Show Your Skills!

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Do you feel that you’re capable of doing more than you are right now? When you reflect on your role as an MSP, do you wish for more opportunities, but you don’t know how to go after them?

In my encounters with MSPs all over the country, I see so much talent and skill, yet far too many MSPs don’t know how to package themselves to showcase those talents and skills. It’s important to put yourself forward as a complete package so you stand out to current or potential employers!

What I’m proposing is not rocket science, but if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. In this case, no one can do it but you. When you feel stuck and are ready for the next level, take action. Change can be scary but you can do it!

Here are some helpful tips to help you to showcase your skillset and become the MSP you’ve only dreamed you could be!

Keep Your Balance in Check – Do you feel an imbalance at work or at home? Then take a step back and reprioritize! Figure out what you HAVE to do vs. what you NEED to do. Make a list if it helps. Successful MSPs don’t play the victim – they become a part of the solution!

Work More Collaboratively – It’s harder when you go it alone in nearly every aspect in life. Working collaboratively with other MSPs actually benefits you – you’re able to be more efficient so you have more time to do your other important duties, especially today when Joint Commission has even more standards to meet.

Network – Go ahead and get involved with your local NAMSS chapter. Monthly meetings tend to include different topics and presentations about MSPs’ daily duties, and attendees are typically quite pleased to share ideas about your job to find the best processes to become even more efficient while still remaining compliant.

Give Yourself an Upgrade – Take the time to “upgrade” your skill set, processes, education, and, yes, your attitude. An improved or updated skill set will not only make you more marketable and knowledgeable, but it will also show that you have the drive to become the best you can become.

Make Yourself Visible – If you find yourself sitting back and taking a more passive role, you’re not going to get anywhere in your field – you must be visible and promote yourself. Volunteer professionally. Go the extra step (or two) in your job. Offer to be a presenter at a monthly management meeting. You’ll be amazed how making yourself more visible will help you go farther in your career.

Be Passionate – This may be perhaps the most important tip of all. It does not matter how intelligent or resourceful you are; if you have no passion you won’t get very far at all. Be sure to let your ambition show in your job – work without complaining about others or your workload, try new approaches to the tasks at hand (even if they wind up failing), and SMILE! Your fervor will spread like wildfire, and you never know – you just might inspire someone!

For additional inspiration, check out “Knowledge Points” in the past few issues of MSP Compass. These stories of MSPs who took charge of their own futures are inspiring and full of useful tips.

If you need help on packaging yourself to get the recognition (and the job!) you deserve, please contact me at! I’d be more than happy to help you!

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