I Can’t Take on Another New Project

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Contrary to popular belief, everyone is a thief; we are all thieves of ideas. This is how our society advances because someone somewhere figures out another use for an existing idea or concept, adds to it with their own interpretation, and improves it. This is how the world thrives.

To view this logic on a microscopic scale, learning new things will enhance an individual. Before one must learn something new, he or she must be willing to learn new things. Many times MSPs can become comfortable in their processes and the familiarity in which they accomplish their tasks. In retrospect, this may cause apprehension toward new information and doing things in a different way. But remember, MSPs, the world is constantly changing, and in order to provide the best service and give the utmost toward the patient’s safety, we must always be open to learning new ideas.

What new idea have you tried today?

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