Built For Success – A Hospital Administrator’s Checklist for MSP Success

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An MSP’s job is hard – there is no doubt about that whatsoever. You have many responsibilities, policies to uphold, and, of course, patients to care for and serve. There are many within the system and on the outside looking in that do not understand or possibly do not appreciate what you do for the industry day in and day out.

Leading a healthcare system with varied services, I truly recognize that MSPs are an invaluable part of our organization. The industry could not possibly go on without all that you do to assist patients and administrators every day. Yet to be the most successful, MSPs MUST possess certain traits to help get the job done and get it done correctly.

Below I have listed traits and characteristics that hospital administrators seek within successful MSPs. I must say, I am going to be quite frank with my suggestions! Check them out to see if you are built for success as an MSP!

Strategy Matters – In order to be successful, MSPs must be strategic thinkers. You must look at what you do and how it affects the entire organization, for better or for worse. Be more cognizant of your actions and thoughts. Continue to do the actions that help your organization, and do your best to correct or weed out the actions you may do that harm or hinder your organization.

Take the Reins! As an MSP, you need to be a problem solver. If there is a communication issue between two departments in your organization, you should take the initiative to figure out where the barriers lie and offer a solution. You’ll be seen as more of a leader amongst MSPs.

There Is No “I” in Team – Through the Medical Staff Services and Credentialling departments, you can help groups like Medical Staff, Administration, and even the Board of Directors become more collaborative. All it takes is a team effort on your part! Don’t go it alone – learn to be a team player to benefit your organization!

Be a Powerful Professional – Use the power of the CEO within you appropriately to facilitate solutions rather than being part of the problem, whatever problem it is. Remember, leaders find a solution while others simply stand back and complain. Be a leader!

Seek Out Assistance From Others – In order to be successful as an MSP, you should continue to seek out the opinions of others in your organization. You will refrain from making mistakes again in the future, and you will develop as an MSP. Take more ownership of yourself and your careers, and remember that there are no foolish questions!
Hey, Bulldog – To be successful, have the mindset of a bulldog. That doesn’t mean that you need to “bully” others around; however, it does mean that you need to be willing to stand your ground and be proactive if you feel there is an injustice occurring within the organization. For example, if you know that an organizational policy conflicts with a departmental policy or puts patients at risk, stand up and point it out. You’ll gain lasting respect if you do so.
I do hope that you find this checklist helpful as you move your career forward in any environment! If you have further questions or would like to strategize on how to become more successful as an MSP, please feel free to contact me at (618) 830-0057, visit my website at www.teammedglobal.com, or email me at donna@teammedglobal.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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