Adjusting Your Compass: Obstacles Are Opportunities in Disguise

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Nobody’s perfect. Being human means that we all have our own sets of disabilities, frailties, and insecurities, and we won’t be 100% successful in our endeavors. But if we want to achieve anything in life, we must be willing to try, no matter what and to never give up.

It’s true that fear can provide quite a negative impact on our lives. It can stop us from reaching out to achieve our goals and realize our dreams. We might think that because of any physical, mental, or spiritual frailties or insecurities we might have that we cannot even dream to reach for the sky and accomplish our goals. If there’s you hear that small voice in the back of your mind telling you these things, stop right now and silence it once and for all because it’s only spewing out dirty lies to you and impeding you from becoming successful and your true YOU!

Everyone has a choice every single day to keep their eyes down to the ground and allow fear, negativity, and obstacles to control our lives or to look past the horizon and dare to dream. Use the power of your mind to help your body achieve the impossible. Remember, everyone DOES have a choice, and each choice we make truly does affect the end result.

If it helps, just start small! Begin with acquiring a positive attitude, putting a smile on your face, emulating joy and being upbeat in your daily life! Sure, it won’t work 100% of the time, but do it anyway. You’ll be amazed at how your life will change and how others will react to you. This is the true secret to success.

Remember, our lives can change in an instant. A phone call from a loved one’s freshly aching heart can turn our worlds upside down. A split-second look away from the road can give us new, terrifying life-altering situations to deal with. Every day, we must constantly adjust our compasses to locate our true north. Luckily, everyone has the ability to see the challenge and rise above it all instead of shrinking back in fear and retreating. Harness the power of your mind, be confident, step out into the light, and do your best every single day, and, with discipline and persistence, you will find that you will be successful no matter what stands in your way!

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