8 Crucial Traits Every Successful Leader Should Possess

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Everyone wants to know the secret to success. We all want to know what we need to do to live a fulfilled and happy life, establish and maintain strong relationships, and be effective at work. Here’s the truth: the secret to success really isn’t a secret. It’s all about possessing a few key traits and upholding simple truths in our lives. If we can better understand these truths and traits, then we will remain on the road to success.

Here are 8 traits that every successful leader should possess (that means YOU, MSPs!):

Humility: Humility tends to get a bad rap in our culture. We think of humility as something that degrades us. But humility manifested in a humble attitude is key if we ever want to be successful. When we are humble leaders, we move away from the spotlight. We make it about the team, not about ourselves. We are receptive to feedback, both positive and negative, and we are willing to act when we receive constructive criticism. Humility is the bridge that leads to success.

Trust: Do you want others to trust you? Trust others and prove to be a trustworthy person. Be consistent with your expectations, keep your promises, and maintain transparent communication always. Doing so will give you credibility that no amount of money could ever buy.

Values: As the famous quote goes, “Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” Ask yourself – what’s important to you? Hold your values close to you and don’t let anyone or anything make you waver. When people know what you stand for, you will gain unshakable integrity.

Teaching: Effective leaders listen to and learn from everyone. They are never ashamed or afraid to accept help from those whom they would consider their subordinates. Giving and receiving information freely and trying new methods to achieve greater efficiency will help a leader on the pathway to success.

Accountability: MSPs know that everything and everyone within an organization must be measured, including physicians, nurses, and staff members. Great leaders also evaluate themselves to ensure that they are doing everything in their power to make a positive impact on their organization.

Metrics: Of course, if you want to measure something effectively, you need a rubric. Strong leaders will keep their goals in sight and will see if they’re taking the right steps toward that goal every day. While every leader will fail once in a while, he or she will stand up, reevaluate their methods, and try again.

Positivity: Nothing can kill momentum and morale more than negativity. Good leaders know this and try to turn every adversity into an opportunity. Don’t let roadblocks slow you down. Instead of stopping in front of the hurdle, smile, push yourself a little harder, and leap over it with confidence!

Compassion: A caring MSP is a successful leader. Tune in to your surroundings. Take note of any colleague who may seem a little burned out and offer a helping hand. Surprise a coworker with a coffee or treat if they’re having a hard day. And of course, take care of yourself. Love for self and others will ultimately help your organization reach its goals and will give everyone a strong sense of camaraderie.

MSPs, if you make it your mission to exemplify these 8 traits every day, you will find yourself well on the way toward success. Never give up – I believe in you! SMILE!

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