6 Smart Ways to Turn Failures Into Success

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No one likes to fail. Of course, we want to be perfect in everything we do. We want our presentations to go smoothly every time. We never want to stumble on our words, and we want to say the right things at the right time. We want to always be “on” – eloquent, upright, confident, capable, and knowledgeable in all that we do.

Newsflash: Life doesn’t work like that.

Everyone fails. Failure is an inevitable, uncomfortable, yet essential part of life. We all experience it – myself included. What really matters is what we do when we make those mistakes. After all, failure plays a major part in our success, whether you realize it or not!

Here are 6 tips to help you turn the failures you experience into success:

Learn From Your Mistakes – You’re not always going to hit a home run. Accept that as you identify your mistakes and learn from them.

Talk to Yourself Kindly – Negative self-talk can be incredibly harmful to our self-esteem. Even if you feel ashamed of your failures, be very careful with the words you use toward yourself. Do your best to remain positive through your hardships!

Dare to Do Things Imperfectly – The only real failure in life is doing nothing. Don’t be afraid to fail. You will experience failure, but in the end, you will have done, created, or affected something, which is always better than doing nothing.

Maintain Your Confidence – Failure can shake anyone’s confidence – after all, we’re only human. But in the face of adversity, you must remember that you are smart, capable, and strong. Through failure we truly learn to succeed, so don’t be afraid to try, fail, fall, and stand back up!

Be Honest With Yourself – So you made a mistake. So your project failed. Don’t wallow in disappointment – own those mistakes. Openly acknowledge your failures, learn from them, and move on. You won’t only put yourself in a better position to succeed in the future – you will also gain respect from your peers when you do this!

Reach Out for Help – You don’t have to go through your hardships alone. Reach out to your colleagues and friends for a confidence boost, a pep talk, or a different perspective to help you see new ways to tackle the obstacles ahead of you. Find someone who will support your efforts and has experience to help propel you forward!

Remember, MSPs, one of the biggest ways you will grow is through experiencing failure and learning from it. Follow these steps above, and I know you will succeed in your future endeavors. SMILE!

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