Team Med Global Healthcare Consulting Debuts MSP Tech Squad

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GLEN CARBON, Ill. – Team Med Global is proud to announce the recent creation of their latest service, a consulting team called the MSP Tech Squad.

The MSP Tech Squad offers support for the growing technological needs of Medical Staff Service Professionals (MSPs) everywhere. The squad assists MSPs in realizing the full benefits of their current solutions and partners with them to explore additional options.

Services include technical training and due diligence, data migration, data conversion, and much more. These services help improve workflow configurations, provide technical training to support MSP compliance documents, assess needs, and more.

“MSPs are intelligent people and invest heavily in their process, which includes creating and managing records, providers, forms, reports, letters, audits, rosters, labels, meetings, technical projects, and so much more,” said Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM and president of Team Med Global. “Unfortunately, many are not afforded the necessary resources to fully support their process within a credentialing product. We recognize these demands and feel their pain; thus, we assembled the MSP Tech Squad, our technical and credentialing subject matter experts. We provide business assessments, offer solutions and resources to maximize their credentialing products and outcomes, implement their projects, and ease their quest to demonstrate and remain compliant.”

Goestenkors is a full-time healthcare consultant, speaker, author, educator, and mentor with more than 42 years of experience and knowledge in the Medical Staff Services industry. The former president of the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS), Goestenkors is a NAMSS Certification Instructor and continues to contribute to her profession by serving as a content expert in the development of industry education products and resources. She is passionate about helping MSPs perform at their exceptional best and takes great pride in mentoring many colleagues in the area of MSP career development.

Team Med Global is a healthcare consulting firm that introduces new ideas, pushes innovation, and keeps promoting the work of MSPs. The company solves an organization’s problems with creative and customized solutions while remaining respectful of the organization’s company culture. Team Med Global includes a team of professional collaborators that represent more than 15 diverse industries, which have direct impact on the Medical Staff Services profession nationwide.

To learn more about Team Med Global or the MSP Tech Squad, please call (618) 830-0057 or visit

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