Donna Goestenkors of Team Med Global Celebrates 42 Years in Medical Staff Services Industry

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GLEN CARBON, Ill. – Donna Goestenkors, CPMSM and president of Team Med Global, is celebrating her 42nd year in the medical staff services industry this year.

Since entering the healthcare industry, Goestenkors has been dedicated to the education, training, and development of medical services professionals (MSPs), medical staff leaders, and boards of directors on issues creating challenges in today’s healthcare industry.

Lately, Goestenkors has been creating groundbreaking programs and services, including the MSP Tech Squad, Executive MSP Program, Payer Enrollment Institute, and the Practice Management Team, all of which were established last year. These first-of-their-kind programs assist MSPs in realizing the full benefits of their current technological solutions and guide them toward greater career excellence.

In addition, Goestenkors frequently travels on her “road show,” called “The Powerful Minds and Positive Partnerships Tour,” which includes inspirational and informative presentations and webinars. To date, she has traveled to 38 states, giving presentations, and presenting to a total audience of 11,104 attendees, and providing highly sought expertise to MSPs, healthcare administrators, and physician leaders nationwide.

“While I have been serving the needs of the healthcare industry for so many years, my commitment has constantly remained the same – to innovate, motivate, and influence the industry. This is all thanks to the unwavering support and encouragement I receive from MSPs and clients,” said Goestenkors.

Team Med Global is a full-time healthcare consulting firm that introduces new ideas, pushes innovation, and promotes the work of MSPs. The company solves an organization’s problems with creative and customized solutions while remaining respectful of their company culture. Team Med Global includes a team of professional collaborators that represent diverse skillsets of in-demand expertise, all of which have a direct impact on the Medical Staff Services profession nationwide.

To learn more about Team Med Global, please call (618) 830-0057 or visit

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