Passion Is Contagious, MSPs – Pass It On!

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As hard as it may be to believe, 2018 is here! While you’re probably celebrating the holidays with your loved ones, you’re more than likely looking forward to 2018 and thinking about the steps you will take toward self-improvement.

While I could give you a list of goals for you to consider for the new year, I think that you’re doing a fantastic job already. Yes, we can all improve in many ways, but I recognize that you are passionate and persevere in all your pursuits. You may not realize it, but in order to be a successful MSP, you just have to have passion!

This year, however, I want to keep encouraging you to be passionate MSPs and to spread that feeling to everyone you encounter. Even though we typically don’t receive as much appreciation or recognition as we would like, you should go above and beyond for the sake of what truly drives you. Let’s count down the 5 things that motivate MSPs to aim high and go beyond expectations:

5.) We Put Technology in Our Practices – Technology is always changing and has a major presence in our workplaces. There’s no denying that technology will continue to evolve and will drive our future. MSPs are flexible and use technology to improve upon pre-existing strategies, yielding new, innovative solutions for any obstacle they may encounter.

4.) We Want to Take Risks – Everyone makes mistakes, but what makes an MSP successful is when they use their failures as lessons and motivation to do better next time. A passionate MSP is brave, persistent, and willing to find new strategies to become more efficient in their organization.

3.) We Strive to Be Competent – Passionate MSPs aren’t afraid to take the reins and lead others with confidence. They constantly pursue education, grow their skillset, develop and fine-tune their career path, and surround themselves with like-minded colleagues. They are also unafraid of sharing the strategies that have worked best for them with others and are open to new strategies to implement in their organizations.

2.) We Keep the Most Qualified Practitioners on Healthcare Teams – MSPs work behind the scenes to ensure that the right practitioners enter and remain within a healthcare organization. Passionate MSPs work tirelessly to verify a practitioner’s education, certification, liability insurance and history, licensure, work history and sanctions, and competence. We do this not just for the sake of the organization, but also because of reason #1…

1.) We Care About Patient Safety – At the end of the day, we do what we do because we are passionate about patient safety. We make it our mission every day to do everything in our power so that patients feel safe and are cared for properly. We are proud to call ourselves the gatekeepers of patient safety and strive to reach out to our colleagues to improve services in the name of patient wellness.

A passionate and positive heart is incredibly infectious. It can set another heart on fire and has the potential to change the world. After all, you never know who may be looking on and emulating what you do! If you keep aiming high to reach your goals and do everything with a passionate spirit, then I know that 2018 will be a very successful year for you, too, MSPs. You can do it! SMILE!

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