MSPs Rock!

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All employees like hearing when they’ve done a good job, whether it’s from another colleague, a supervisor, or anyone else in the organization. We like to feel that what we do truly matters and that people acknowledge all the dedication that we pour into our profession. Perhaps we even strive to make Employee of the Month as often as we are able.

Well, MSPs, in my eyes, you all should be considered as the Employee of the Month – every month!

Whether you are fortunate enough to work in an environment in which you are recognized by your supervisors or not, all MSPs deserve to be Employee of the Month because of their drive for excellence, dedication to the profession, passion to ensure patient safety, and stellar credentialing verification skills. MSPs also possess sharp negotiation skills in difficult and sensitive issues, have great knowledge on application management, and are willing to be lifelong learners and serve others as mentors. These traits alone should qualify all MSPs to be constant Employees of the Month.

So why does Employee of the Month exist? The objective of companies in having this is to showcase the excellence of an individual because of their tenure, dedication, customer service, or a myriad of other criteria. We MSPs are the patient protectors, and for that fact alone all MSPs should be recognized and showcased on the wall of honor.

Here is my challenge for you, colleagues. Be aware of what others are doing, and be sure to recognize one another for jobs well done, even if your administration may not. This action will solidify your bond and will help others feel that what they do truly does matter and that you are all working together as a team toward two very crucial objectives – keeping our patients safe and our practitioners satisfied!

Remember, MSPs, you are truly valuable and needed, and your hard work is always appreciated. I only wish that I could provide all of you the parking spot at the front of the building!

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