MSP Question of the Month – Meeting Management

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Meetings are very important for everyone in the workforce, especially MSPs. They help keep everyone on track and in-the-know around the organization. The way agendas for these meetings are handled differ from place to place; however, there seems to be one of two very distinct ways of handling agendas. Some organizations include their names of everyone in attendance on the agendas while others might include the names on the minutes of the agenda.

Once again, I took to social media to see what others thought about this issue. I posed this question to my readers – do you include the names of your attendees on your meeting agendas, or do you wait and include them on your minutes? Once more, the responses came pouring in, including the following:

“Our facility doesn’t even require agendas anymore because the format of our meeting document is the agenda. Minutes are taken at the time of the meeting with recommendations/action plans added live at the meeting,” said Joaquin Gibson Hall.

What are your thoughts on this, fellow MSPs? Be sure to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to weigh in on this matter! You can also leave your response here at my blog. I look forward to your responses!

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