I Can See Clearly Now… Payor Enrollment

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No one likes change. Many of us like having the same routine, having the same expectations of us at work, and want to keep much of our work life the same. When change comes around, it can cause us a lot of grief. Some of us may try to fight it while others hide from it or reluctantly go with the flow. What I’m seeing clearly at this moment is that payor enrollment is indeed part of the medical staff services industry, and we really need to take notice!

The healthcare industry is requiring each of us to do more with less. We are being asked to take on new initiatives, projects, and expand our service areas. Payor enrollment is the new kid on the block in Medical Staff Services. This month’s message is encouraging all colleagues to reach out to enrollment specialists to learn more about what they do. To keep our competencies sharp, we need to accept taking on projects that we’ve never done before.

Payor enrollment is here to stay. Administrators are looking to MSPs to increase their revenue and streamline inefficiencies. Many MSPs are already performing this type of work and have expressed an interest in expanding their career options to include enrollment simply to add depth to their competencies. On the other side, those who are performing enrollment need and wish for a professional base. These are good enough reasons why we should reach out and help each other! Start networking with your colleagues and have a heart for collaboration. Welcome your payor professionals as MSP colleagues, as I do. Join NAMSS and get involved. Most of all, don’t complain – these changes are not going away, so do your best to tackle your work with a positive attitude. In the meantime, I will continue to lead the industry, push for change, and provide education and resources to those MSPs in need.

Let’s become allies and make our industry stronger than ever!

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