Don’t Be a Turkey – Give Thanks!

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As the leaves begin to blanket the ground and the days grow shorter, we know that we are getting closer and closer to the holiday season and to another new year. It’s around this time of the year that we tend to feel the busiest, not just at work but also in our everyday lives. Tempers seem easier to set off than ever before as people cram the stores and crowd the roads, ironically to find the perfect gifts for their loved ones for the holidays.

During this time of the year, it’s so very easy to get caught up in the tasks that lay before us. We have so much to check off our to-do lists, which can cause us to become more stressed and more agitated and frustrated, whether we mean to or not. I urge you, MSPs, to hit the pause button and show appreciation to those around you during this season of thanks, no matter how busy you are.

It is vital to show appreciation and respect to others, especially in the workplace where oftentimes it is forgotten. After all, many wonder why on earth they should ever thank their coworkers for doing the tasks that they are paid to do. We perhaps take the efforts of others as a given instead of thanking them for their help and hard work.

If you’re new to the scene of cultivating gratitude in the workplace or someone who fails to do so, consider this: giving thanks to others not only makes people feel better and become more motivated, but it also makes you feel happier and more fulfilled when you show your gratitude. When we abstain from staying these two little words – “thank you” – we are robbing others and ourselves of happiness.

If you know showing gratitude is an area in which you can improve upon, you might give some of these suggestions a try:

*If you’re in a position of power, make sure to tell your employees “thank you” more often. Do this clearly, consistently, and authentically both in private and in public. Appreciation is a marker of success, builds self-esteem, and shows the recipients that you are paying attention.

*Be mentally present more often, whether you’re an employee or the boss. Absence tends to breed distrust and suspicion. Employees and coworkers may begin to feel devalued, taken advantage of, and frustrated. Remind yourself to be mentally present every day to cultivate gratitude.

*Thank those who never hear it. Every organization has jobs that are highly esteemed and jobs that are not, but each person is necessary to make the organization flow as smoothly and as seamlessly as possible. Thank the Medical Staff Services Professionals, the janitors, the secretaries, the doctors, and everyone in between. It will help improve morale!

*Be sincere when you give your thanks. You can do this by being specific in what exactly you’re thankful for. You can thank the person who makes the coffee every day if you’ve depended on your morning java to get you through the day. You can say thanks to your coworker for his or her help on a project. Remember, sincerely expressing just these two little words can make a person’s whole day turn right around!

*Look for opportunities to be grateful. If your organization hasn’t done so yet, why not create a bulletin board that thanks others for what that they’ve done? You can also give small tokens of appreciation like a small plant for your colleague’s desk, offer to help a coworker with a tedious task, or simply place a few sticky notes filled with thanks on someone’s door or desk. Opportunities are all around you if you look!

Remember, MSPs, at the end of the day, we are all working toward the same goal, so strive to become more sensitive to others and their needs and feelings. Demonstrate your leadership skills and become a team player by adding a little bit more gratitude in your life. It won’t just bring you happiness and fulfillment, but it will also garner respect for you around the organization! Keep being amazing, MSPs – we are all very, very grateful for you! SMILE!

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