MSP Question of the Week – Responses to Physician Retirement

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I asked this question last month and hadn’t received too many responses at the time. Now, however, so many of you have responded to the question, and I was so delighted with the feedback that I decided to feature your responses! I feel it is important for others in the field to see how other organizations recognize those who are retiring, and your active participation helps drive improvement in the industry!

Here was the question that I asked in last month’s newsletter: How does your facility recognize a physician’s retirement (e.g., gift certificate, party, gift, award, etc.)? Please post your practice. If you have a policy, message me at and I will include it in the next issue of the MSP Compass.

Here are some of the responses I received!

“On National Doctor’s Day, we present a plaque to the physicians who retired the year before. This is done at an event during the day when the doctors recognize exemplary members of the nursing staff also.”

-Mary Bizzell, Manager of Medical Staff Services at Ocean Medical Center

“We have an annual Physician Recognition Party in which we introduce our new incoming physicians, milestones (5 years, 10 years, etc.) with a certificate in a frame folder. The retiring physicians also receive a certificate and the Medical Staff purchase a gift in the range of $200, usually based on the physician’s hobbies. etc. We also recognize our Physician of the Year winner at the same time, and the Medical Staff purchase a plaque and $200 gift certificate to a very nice restaurant.”

-Debi Potter, Director of Medical Staff Services at Montgomery Regional Hospital

“At each February General Medical Staff meeting, we recognize the physicians who retired the prior year. At the meeting, the Chief of Staff gives a profile of the retiring physician, listing his accomplishments and his or her participation on our Medical Staff (offices held, committees served on, etc.). After the profile is read, the retiree is asked to come to the front of the meeting to accept a plaque and address the Medical Staff, if they wish.”

-Norma Perkins, Providence Health Center

Thank you again for your feedback, MSPs! I look forward to hearing from you for my other questions of the week. Until then – SMILE!

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