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Terry JoyeJuly’s Knowledge Points segment spotlights Terry Joye, Administrative Assistant in Quality Management at Baptist Health, Alabama. She had been an Administrative Assistant in Medical Staff Services for 2 years prior to her current position.

Terry asked if I would help her improve her confidence, create packaging to showcase her talent, and also enhance her overall presentation as she was practicing interviewing to see what the current job market experience was like. She wants to dominate her profession! While out in the field interviewing, she gleaned a lot of information and has generously compiled many tips and tricks on how quality and Medical Staff Services professionals can work more effectively.

Here is what Terry has to say!

FPPE and OPPE Must Be In Synch – The greatest link that Terry sees that connects the quality program with the Medical Staff Services Department is FPPE and OPPE. There just has to be effective communication between these two departments. Only then will true success occur!

Effective Communication is Key – As in nearly every facet in real life, effective communication is the key in making any progress. Terry states that her experience reflects that when people within a department are working toward a common goal but don’t take the time to communicate or, worse yet, neglect to demonstrate any shred of respect for one another, poor communication practices become even more rampant, and progress is definitely hampered, if not destroyed. Remember to keep the lines of communication open!

Proficiency in Technology is Favored – Perhaps Terry’s strongest recommendation to the field is to become proficient in as many software programs as possible. In each job interview, Terry learned that knowing your way around the computer and in several software programs is considered a huge plus in the industry. If you find that computer skills aren’t your strong suit, consider taking classes or asking someone who knows the programs to help you learn more.

Present a Career Portfolio – Before entering the interviews, Terry implemented a recommended career tool that I offered – a Career Portfolio. “The portfolio that I put together greatly impressed each interviewer!” she said. I felt that my preparation and each interview I went on improved my ability to sell myself and highlight my accomplishments and skills by presenting them with power and confidence. Thank you, Donna, for this idea!”

Make It Personal – Terry reports that the most difficult part to endure with the interview process was whenever the interviewer read from a list of prepared questions. “That experience was more like an interrogation than an interview,” she said. “I found the whole experience with this organization to be a total turn-off. I was offered the position, but I definitely knew that it would not be a good fit. This person interviewing me from the department I would be working in certainly couldn’t work outside of the box!”

Applying Is Becoming More Electronic – In regards to Terry’s experience in how she was required to apply for each position, she definitely supplied her resume each time, but some positions that she applied for required her to physically visit the organization and handwrite the application. More often than not, though, many organizations preferred applications to be submitted through their online process and a few Human Resource departments even sent her a PDF of their application, which she had to print off, handwrite to compete it, and send it off. Primarily, her experiences were electronically-driven.

When in Doubt, Seek a Mentor – Before diving into the world of job searching, Terry came to me and asked for my assistance and guidance to help her become more assertive and confident. She says the following about her experience with me: “Donna is incredibly positive and that attitude is infectious to everyone with whom she meets. She has been so encouraging and helped build my confidence allowing me to believe that I can achieve anything with the proper preparation and support. Donna is a breath of fresh air!”

Be sure to look out for more “Knowledge Points” segments in the future! Until then… SMILE!

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