Knowledge Points – Regina Searcy, Medical Staff Reappointment Coordinator

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This month’s Knowledge Points features Regina Searcy, Medical Staff Reappointment Coordinator at Baptist Health in Montgomery, Alabama.

She started in Medical Staff Services over 15 years ago when she began working as the Administrative Assistant in a hospital. After some time, she submitted a proposal to the administration and the Medical Staff Leaders requesting a Medical Staff Coordinator position be created, recommending that she be assigned to this new position.

Her demonstration of having a great vision, willingness to take risks, and pushing herself to be resourceful has helped her become the successful person she is today. She has worked in her current position as Reappointment Coordinator for one of the top 15 health systems in the United States.

Sometimes having a successful career can wear down the best of us. What motivates her to come to work every single day? “I know I’m making a difference that only the most qualified practitioners continue to work here,” she says.

Regina also cautions against working for a boss who doesn’t support your professional development. “The qualities of a bad boss to look out for include a condescending demeanor, lying tendencies, and, as I like to call it, leaving a sad face in red on your desk for everyone else to see,” says Regina.

“On the other hand,” she continues, “good bosses are loyal, supportive, honest, great teachers, and are members of the team.”

What about new MSPs coming into the industry? Regina offers the following pieces of advice on how to welcome them into the industry:

*No question is wrong.

*You don’t have to know everything!

*Use your resources.

*Work together as a team.

*Encourage them and be friendly to them.

*Be flexible and sensitive to any cultural differences that might exist.

*Remember that everyone makes mistakes.

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