Knowledge Points – Lorraine M. Kress, Independent CPCS

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This month’s Knowledge Points features Lorraine M. Kress, Independent CPCS of Farley, Iowa. Lorraine started her career in Medical Staff Services while working in Human Resources and assisting with projects in the Medical Staff Office.

“I enjoyed the work! I liked working with the physicians who were making a difference in the world. I wanted to help the doctors help others,” said Lorraine. “But when there was an opening in the MSO, I just had to be a part of it! I worked with an MSP contract staffer who served as a wonderful mentor to me. She continues to be an amazing mentor and is also my friend now!”

How did she get to where she is today? “I prepared hard and achieved my CPCS certification,” said Lorraine. “MSPs are such an awesome group to be a part of! I find that MSPs from around the country are all friendly and like family. We all have like-struggles, and we try to help the other out.”

Lorraine feels that her job is hard work but very rewarding. “The most rewarding parts of my job include getting the job done and my work facilitates getting the physician on-staff,” said Lorraine. “Another rewarding aspect that I experienced was when my learned verification skills and knowledge helped me uncover an applicant who lied on his application. This action potentially protected a patient from harm or injury.”

Lorraine also finds there are many opportunities in her industry. “There’s so much room for growth. You can be anything you want, and you can become CPCS or CPMSM certified. You could even go into auditing! The choice is yours whether you wish to expand or limit yourself. The bounds are limitless!” she said.

But like any other career, Lorraine has found some frustrations that go along with her occupation. “We need a supportive administration. It is incredibly frustrating when others don’t value the important work that we do,” said Lorraine. “We should invite members of the Administrative Team to come to our state conferences and, just as an example, walk them through the risks of granting temporary privileges inappropriately.”

Regardless of any frustrations Lorraine may experience, she loves what she does and wants to grow as far as she can in her career.

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