Knowledge Points – Joaquin Gibson Hall, BSHA, LHRM, CPCS

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January’s Knowledge Points segment spotlights Joaquin Gibson Hall, BSHA, LHRM, CPCS, Medical Staff Coordinator, and Florida Licensed Health Care Risk Manager at Kindred Hospital in Melbourne, Florida. She has been an MSP for 3 years in a hospital setting, and she proudly serves as a member of the National Association of Medical Staff Services (NAMSS), the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), and the Florida Association of Medical Staff Services (FAMSS).

Though she first started in nursing, Joaquin decided to change her career direction and go into the administration field. “I was drawn to Medical Staff Services because I started working in a staffing company, yet I wanted to see the full picture of credentialing and privileging,” said Joaquin.

Joaquin is currently attending the University of South Florida with studies in Master of Science in Health Services Administration, which is CAHME accredited. She is set to graduate in December 2013. “I’ve always wanted to get my Bachelor’s, but being the spouse of a career military man and raising a family have made it difficult.”

An entrepreneur who served as the First President and Founding Member of the Space Coast Chapter of Medical Staff Services (SCCMSS). She has also served on the process improvement team for Patient Satisfaction Surveys at Kindred Hospital in Melbourne, Florida.

How did Joaquin get to where she is today? She believes that maintaining the proper balance has helped her exponentially. “Life is all about balance. I do my best to balance my professional life, my family life, and my education. I always devote any spare time to my studies since my husband is away for long periods of time,” said Joaquin.

Joaquin also has several goals in mind that she wants to achieve in her professional life. “My goals include gaining an administrative position in risk management and quality, which is my passion, and being a health care risk manager for the State of Florida with a certification from Health Care Management,” she said. “Also, when I get my degree, I aim to ensure that MSPs get the proper training and education and that they are in a prime location and get involved with the right groups.”

Joaquin definitely exceeds in her job; she recently received the Most Professional Employee for 2012 award from Kindred Hospital. She has also been actively involved in the credentialing process of health care providers for the past 5 years. Many see her as a confident, polite, and respectful person who has an infectious “can-do” way about her.

“Credentialing is an art and not just a science. MSPs know so much more than many give them credit for, and they are definitely needed in this industry,” she said.

So how can we as leaders help MSPs get it? Joaquin explains that there are three types of MSPs – those who are content to do what they always have done, those who speak up when they absolutely know the answer and are asked for their opinions, and those who over-achieve and seek the answers needed for their career.

“One lesson that I think MSPs should learn is that we grow when we teach others,” said Joaquin. “My goal is to see the industry as strong and for MSPs to be noticed as a valuable part of the team. Remember, MSPs, you need to have the confidence to step out and be noticed!”

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