Knowledge Points: Insight From the Trenches, Part 3

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For our final week of “Insight From the Trenches,” we wish to highlight Shirley Whitley, CPMSM, CPCS, a Physician Practice MSP who had worked at Charleston Area Medical Center and has over 40 years of experience.

Shirley, who is now retired as of 2012, had been very involved in her career with Charleston Area Medical Center in Charleston, West Virginia. One of the biggest pieces of advice that Shirley has provided to all MSPs out there is to get involved. “Be sure to join NAMSS. Join a chapter of NAMSS or join on the state or national level,” said Shirley. “Networking is pivotal in one’s career, so be sure to take advantage of all networking opportunities that you can!”

While it’s always a good idea to collaborate and work with others, Shirley advises that it’s always beneficial to listen to your “inner voice” and fine-tune your credentialing technical skills. “Stay current on issues,” said Shirley, “and definitely read all you can!”

When it comes to opportunities for growth, Shirley has a few strategies. “Embrace new experiences – they lead to new opportunities for you and will help you grow!” she said. “Also, find a good mentor. Mentors are so important; without them, you don’t grow!”

Happily retired now, Shirley has one last bit of advice to offer to all MSPs: “Work hard while you’re working, but when you retire, play hard, too!” she said.

Thank you for tuning in to our special segment of Knowledge Points! We will be back next month with our normal Knowledge Points segments, which feature the stories and careers of MSPs like you!

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