Team Med Global is proud to offer the new, first-of-its-kind Executive MSP program. This program offered by the industry’s leading career development resource is the only pathway to career excellence for MSPs. As the work of the MSP becomes continuously more complex, the scope of knowledge and skills needed to succeed has also increased.

Team Med Global’s Executive MSP program positions you to be influential in all areas of your career and sharpens the critical skills needed to lead.

Get noticed. Stand apart. Own the title that reflects the expertise that you already possess. Connect with us to learn more and achieve your promotion to Executive MSP.


Team Med Global recognizes and shares your frustration in the gaps between product development, technology solutions, and applications. To fill this need in the industry, we developed the MSP Tech Squad, which provides a support service that MSPs typically don’t have the resources to implement. The MSP Tech Squad acts as the missing link between MSPs, Vendors, and IT. We can help you realize the full benefits of your current credentialing, enrollment, and quality solutions and partner with you to explore additional options in building your digital technology infrastructure (forms, letters, reports, etc.). Our unmatched industry knowledge and technical expertise will augment and maximize your existing products, efficiencies and competencies, along with formulating plans and corrective actions to integrate technology into your current practices successfully. Partner with us to get your customized plan to ensure your technology products work efficiently and problem-free.

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