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I Can See Clearly Now… Payor Enrollment

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No one likes change. Many of us like having the same routine, having the same expectations of us at work, and want to keep much of our work life the same. When change comes around, it can cause us a lot of grief. Some of us may try to fight it while others hide from it or reluctantly go with the flow. What I’m seeing clearly at this moment is that payor enrollment is indeed part of the medical staff services industry, and… Read more »

I’m going to throw this computer out of the window!

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Are you frustrated because you’re stuck in a job and going nowhere? Don’t sit idly and let opportunity pass you by. Better yourself and better things will come your way. Take a class, learn something new – the decision is up to you! It’s easy to get into a routine at your job and become stagnant, but if you feel that there is no room for advancement, it may be time for change. Adding another tool to your tool belt can only help… Read more »

MSP Question of the Month – Physician Retirements

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Retirement for physicians can be a very exciting time in their lives. It is usually filled to the brim with endearing thoughts of one’s colleagues, memories of all the good times spent in the workplace, and well-deserved satisfaction for the lives saved and made better due to their efforts. There are also some physicians who struggle with the decision of retirement because it is often times the only thing they know to do and are usually way over-qualified to do anything else that… Read more »

MSPs Rock!

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All employees like hearing when they’ve done a good job, whether it’s from another colleague, a supervisor, or anyone else in the organization. We like to feel that what we do truly matters and that people acknowledge all the dedication that we pour into our profession. Perhaps we even strive to make Employee of the Month as often as we are able. Well, MSPs, in my eyes, you all should be considered as the Employee of the Month – every month! Whether you… Read more »

I am just not confident enough…

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“To whom much is given, much is asked.” As an MSP, you are beyond talented, which at times requires you to take on many obligations. Realizing that you cannot conquer everything in a day does not constitute you as a failure! Continuously going back the next day and the next day shows that you have the courage to attain your goals even at the face of adversity. Keep your head held high, MSPs, and keep on SMILING!

MSP Question of the Month – Meeting Management

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Meetings are very important for everyone in the workforce, especially MSPs. They help keep everyone on track and in-the-know around the organization. The way agendas for these meetings are handled differ from place to place; however, there seems to be one of two very distinct ways of handling agendas. Some organizations include their names of everyone in attendance on the agendas while others might include the names on the minutes of the agenda. Once again, I took to social media to see what… Read more »

You Don’t Have to Hold a Position to Be a Leader!

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Each workplace has its ups and downs, and MSPs are no stranger to this fact. While it may be true that MSPs and other staff in the hospital are working harmoniously together to solve their problems and protect the patient’s safety, there will always be some form of disruptive behavior, which can negatively impact patient care, employee satisfaction, and overall morale. Think about it for a moment. You know an excellent surgeon with fabulous technical skills who possesses a depth of knowledge and… Read more »

Doctor vs. Provider – What Do YOU Call a Physician?

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Throughout my 38-year career I have been respectful and deliberate to reference a physician as “Doctor.” During the past eight years or so I would hear the term “Provider” used more and more frequently when referencing a physician. However, I remained committed to my practice and the respect that I believe physicians deserve: Physician = Doctor, Other Clinicians = Practitioner or Provider. Change moment: This past week I was actually shocked to hear members of the MEC refer to themselves as “Providers.” So,… Read more »

MSPs – It’s a Wonderful Life!

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“It’s a wonderful life.” That’s the real message I want you to take from this blog, MSPs! George Bailey didn’t realize the impact he had on his family and the community he lived and worked in until Clarence showed him the hard evidence. As soon as George saw the real difference he had made in his community and how he had influenced the lives of his family, friends, and neighbors, he ran home joyously to his family, ready to live his life in… Read more »

Come See Team Med Global at the 37th Educational Conference & Exhibition!

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Hey, MSPs! What are you doing between September 21st through September 25th? Hopefully, you are attending the NAMSS 37th Educational Conference & Exhibition at Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida! If so, please consider stopping by to see Team Med Global and IntelliSoft Group in the exhibit hall! The NAMSS 37th Educational Conference & Exhibition will be offering more than 40 sessions tracked by new areas of focus such as credentialing and privileging, legal, executive and leadership development and will cover an array of… Read more »