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Looking to Improve, MSPs? You Need to Be Willing to Look Introspectively!

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You can see it everywhere you go. On the shelves of local bookstores, in the newsstands, and even in your inbox are articles advertising tips to help us improve ourselves. We are constantly searching for ways to climb up the work ladder, become a little healthier, find a certain sort of serenity and shrug off stress more easily, and increase our professional portfolios. It’s no wonder why there are so many self-help books, articles, and websites out there! The solution to self-improvement, MSPs,… Read more »

3 Easy Steps to Make Yourself Indispensable at Work

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Do you know how valuable you are at work? Let me give you a hint – it has very little to do with your position in your organization, even if you’ve worked your way up to a high rung on the ladder. Do you know what truly clinches your indispensability? It is a term I refer to as your “informal power” – that is, your ability to influence others and overcome obstacles in areas in which you lack authority. MSPs, you may often… Read more »

IntelliSoft and Team Med Global Healthcare Consulting: QI in Action for the Non-Physician Practitioner

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With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, millions of additional lives were injected into the U.S. Healthcare System. This number was much larger than the number of practicing physicians, particularly primary care, could effectively manage, and as a means of alleviating such a heavy patient load, the use of the non-physician practitioner (NPP) became common practice in the provision of patient care. In our last session, we discussed one of several challenges the infusion of the non-physician into mainstream healthcare… Read more »

The Non-Physician

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MSPs work diligently to ensure that every practitioner working in his or her healthcare facility has been properly vetted, credentialed, and oriented through the Medical Staff process.  However, there are instances when the medical staff services department isn’t informed about a non-physician working until after they have provided care. This is a major risk to the organization, to the medical staff, and to the patient.  Understanding how this happens and the solutions that can be applied is the purpose of this blog. The… Read more »

Donna’s Tip of the Month

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As time passes and your accomplishments rack up, it’s easy to rest on your laurels. When it comes to your resume, however, it’s vital to make sure that everything is up-to-date. Here are a few tips to help you breathe some fresh air into your resume for 2015! Update Your Accomplishments – Think back to 2014. What did you accomplish last year? Did you further develop your skills with educational webinars? Did you receive additional schooling or receive an award at work? Be… Read more »

MSP Question of the Week – Responses to Physician Retirement

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I asked this question last month and hadn’t received too many responses at the time. Now, however, so many of you have responded to the question, and I was so delighted with the feedback that I decided to feature your responses! I feel it is important for others in the field to see how other organizations recognize those who are retiring, and your active participation helps drive improvement in the industry! Here was the question that I asked in last month’s newsletter: How… Read more »

MSP Question of the Month – Physician Retirements

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Retirement for physicians can be a very exciting time in their lives. It is usually filled to the brim with endearing thoughts of one’s colleagues, memories of all the good times spent in the workplace, and well-deserved satisfaction for the lives saved and made better due to their efforts. There are also some physicians who struggle with the decision of retirement because it is often times the only thing they know to do and are usually way over-qualified to do anything else that… Read more »

Donna’s Question of the Week – Hospital Committees

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Committees are great to have in an organization. When effective, they include a strong leader as a chair, meet at the right frequency, include the right people, have a clear agenda, promote pointed discussions, and take definitive actions. One of the most important committee meetings that is supported by MSPs is the Credentials Committee. This committee has had a long history of including as its members physicians only. Change is upon us and this is another area where reinventing the Credentials Committee with… Read more »

KNOWLEDGE POINTS – Terry Joye, Administrative Assistant in Quality Management

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July’s Knowledge Points segment spotlights Terry Joye, Administrative Assistant in Quality Management at Baptist Health, Alabama. She had been an Administrative Assistant in Medical Staff Services for 2 years prior to her current position. Terry asked if I would help her improve her confidence, create packaging to showcase her talent, and also enhance her overall presentation as she was practicing interviewing to see what the current job market experience was like. She wants to dominate her profession! While out in the field interviewing,… Read more »

Knowledge Points

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People who are looking seriously at progressing themselves throughout their organization need resources. Sadly, we know that there aren’t many tools in our industry – in fact, there aren’t any career development tools. This is where my Career Book comes into play! In order to be an executive, you must begin to believe you ARE one and then begin treating yourself like the CEO of you! This means taking the initiative to better yourself instead of waiting for your boss to give you… Read more »