You Need to Complain More!

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Do you find yourself unsatisfied with your workload or treated unfairly? Have you given into the urge to complain to your colleagues about your woes at work? Complaining can often be a habit, but it’s one that needs to be broken. Constantly complaining to your boss and colleagues can be the kiss of death for your career. It brings negativity into the workplace, which can stifle your chance for success. Instead of complaining, focus on the positive aspects of your career and compliment… Read more »

Sometimes You Have to Color Outside the Lines

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It’s easy to get stuck in a rut in your daily routine, but complacency isn’t always a good thing. If you’re constantly doing the same thing but getting nowhere, it may be time for change. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and color outside the lines! Change can sometimes be scary, but you have to consider the benefits and risks. If you decide the benefits outweigh the risks, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. This can give… Read more »

MSP Question of the Month – Physician Retirements

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Retirement for physicians can be a very exciting time in their lives. It is usually filled to the brim with endearing thoughts of one’s colleagues, memories of all the good times spent in the workplace, and well-deserved satisfaction for the lives saved and made better due to their efforts. There are also some physicians who struggle with the decision of retirement because it is often times the only thing they know to do and are usually way over-qualified to do anything else that… Read more »

MSPs Rock!

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All employees like hearing when they’ve done a good job, whether it’s from another colleague, a supervisor, or anyone else in the organization. We like to feel that what we do truly matters and that people acknowledge all the dedication that we pour into our profession. Perhaps we even strive to make Employee of the Month as often as we are able. Well, MSPs, in my eyes, you all should be considered as the Employee of the Month – every month! Whether you… Read more »

My Answer Is NO!

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Being in a position in which people depend on you can become overwhelming at times. A wise man once said, “If you want something to get done, give it to someone who is already busy.” Although this quote is partially factual, it doesn’t need to be followed to the letter. MSPs tend to experience being asked to do more than they can bear. During these experiences, MSPs will feel obligated to fulfill whatever command that is being propelled their way. We value the… Read more »

Working 9 to 5 Is So Passe

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People all around the world wake up, go to work, and head home only to repeat it all over again the next day. This appears to be the most common routine for most. The issue with this is that routine can often lead to feeling burned out, and that sensation can often lead to a lack of productivity. Doing more than what is expected within the workforce is a trend that is becoming a lot more prevalent in society as well. Simply working… Read more »

I Can’t Handle Learning Another System!

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Within today’s changing times, technology is becoming more and more valuable within the workforce. This revelation is providing many businesses in different fields useful software programs that will significantly enhance their efficiency. The downside of this epidemic is that users of the software will have to continuously become proficient in the software upgrades. Is this really a downside, though? NO! MSPs, you should always strive to stay ahead of your organizations’ new technology. Educating yourself on a new software may seem tedious and… Read more »

I Can’t Take on Another New Project

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Contrary to popular belief, everyone is a thief; we are all thieves of ideas. This is how our society advances because someone somewhere figures out another use for an existing idea or concept, adds to it with their own interpretation, and improves it. This is how the world thrives. To view this logic on a microscopic scale, learning new things will enhance an individual. Before one must learn something new, he or she must be willing to learn new things. Many times MSPs… Read more »

Spring Outside the Box and Reinvent Yourself for Success!

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Take a look out the window for a moment – what do you notice? If you’ve been paying careful attention these past few weeks, you’ll see that the grass has grown greener and the leaves are becoming more and more decorated with their brand-new leaves. The birds have returned to their nests, and the breeze blows warm air to kiss our skin. Nature is in the process of renewing itself for another great year! We know that this sort of thing happens around… Read more »

I’m So Tired of My Disruptive Coworkers!

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Do you have to work with or manage disruptive coworkers? At times, a coworker’s underlying sentiments may become reflected in his or her behavior, which can then become detrimental to the work environment and counteract with productivity, let alone frustrate the other employees around you. Changing your view and feelings toward situations will have an effect on entities outside of yourself. Your behavior is a reflection of your thoughts, cares, and morals. Contrary to popular belief, those three factors within you are not… Read more »