You Don’t Have to Hold a Position to Be a Leader!

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Each workplace has its ups and downs, and MSPs are no stranger to this fact. While it may be true that MSPs and other staff in the hospital are working harmoniously together to solve their problems and protect the patient’s safety, there will always be some form of disruptive behavior, which can negatively impact patient care, employee satisfaction, and overall morale. Think about it for a moment. You know an excellent surgeon with fabulous technical skills who possesses a depth of knowledge and… Read more »

Doctor vs. Provider – What Do YOU Call a Physician?

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Throughout my 38-year career I have been respectful and deliberate to reference a physician as “Doctor.” During the past eight years or so I would hear the term “Provider” used more and more frequently when referencing a physician. However, I remained committed to my practice and the respect that I believe physicians deserve: Physician = Doctor, Other Clinicians = Practitioner or Provider. Change moment: This past week I was actually shocked to hear members of the MEC refer to themselves as “Providers.” So,… Read more »

Be a More Awesome Version of You – Ready, Set, Goal!

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Happy New Year to you, my wonderful MSP! It’s a new year, which means that it’s a brand new opportunity to revitalize yourself and renew your goals. Maybe it’s the year that you will take charge of your health. Perhaps this year is the year in which you further your education or recommit to your career. No matter what your goal is, this is the magical time of the year in which possibility permeates the air and fills your lungs with determination and… Read more »

Donna’s Holiday Traditions

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To me, the holidays are all about rejoicing to my higher power, giving, and family. No matter how busy I am or how overwhelming decorating or getting ready for the holidays can be, with every ornament I hang, every light I string, every present I wrap, I get more and more excited. These experiences awaken that little girl inside of me! When I was a little girl, my 6 brothers and sisters and I would get up at 4 a.m. We would wake… Read more »

MSPs – It’s a Wonderful Life!

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“It’s a wonderful life.” That’s the real message I want you to take from this blog, MSPs! George Bailey didn’t realize the impact he had on his family and the community he lived and worked in until Clarence showed him the hard evidence. As soon as George saw the real difference he had made in his community and how he had influenced the lives of his family, friends, and neighbors, he ran home joyously to his family, ready to live his life in… Read more »

Things You May Not Know About Me – Dusty

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I seek inspiration and strength in others. One of those people includes my wonderful nephew, Dusty, who is a graduate of Quincy University where he played football. Dusty was in a car accident on December 1, 2008, just after the Thanksgiving holiday. That accident caused him to relearn everything that you and I take for granted – how to walk, how to talk, and more. After the accident, we put up a sign on Route 143 near Highland, Illinois, that said, “Pray for… Read more »

Just a Little Change Can Transform Your World

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The NAMSS 37th Educational Conference & Exhibition, which took place September 21st through September 25th, was such a great, exciting time, and it was absolutely thrilling to see so many familiar faces and to meet so many new ones as well! Change, while frightening at times, is always good as it brings something new and dynamic to the table. This conference kicked off our new look and branding; as you know, we’ve upgraded our logo, revamped our newsletters, experienced a great deal of… Read more »

Word of Mouth

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Cultivating your professional development might seem like a one-person job, but it doesn’t always have to be that way! In fact, many times it’s so much more helpful and inspiring to have a trusted friend or colleague or an expert in the field help you down your path to achievement and betterment. This month, Stephanie Russell, Director of Medical Staff Services at Swedish American in Rockford, Illinois, shares her appreciation after Donna assisted her with a SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats) analysis… Read more »

Come See Team Med Global at the 37th Educational Conference & Exhibition!

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Hey, MSPs! What are you doing between September 21st through September 25th? Hopefully, you are attending the NAMSS 37th Educational Conference & Exhibition at Westin Diplomat in Hollywood, Florida! If so, please consider stopping by to see Team Med Global and IntelliSoft Group in the exhibit hall! The NAMSS 37th Educational Conference & Exhibition will be offering more than 40 sessions tracked by new areas of focus such as credentialing and privileging, legal, executive and leadership development and will cover an array of… Read more »

A New Exciting Shore for Team Med Global!

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It’s never easy leaving the comfort of your own personal bubble to step out and set sail for a new shore full of opportunities and growth. It takes courage and resolve to stand up and walk away from what you know is safe in search of something greater. We at Team Med Global have made that jump! We have taken the initiative to leave our comfort zone in order to better ourselves. Recently, we have led the charge in social media activity, upgraded… Read more »