Laugh Matters!

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There aren’t a lot of things you can change in life. You can’t change your family, the flow of rush hour traffic after work, or even the weather forecast – more snow! You may not be able to change a lot, but you can definitely change how you react to certain situations. More and more, the healthcare industry is undergoing constant change, and the pressure for increased revenue and performance measures continues to increase at an unprecedented pace. The expectations that physicians have… Read more »

Donna’s Tip of the Month

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As time passes and your accomplishments rack up, it’s easy to rest on your laurels. When it comes to your resume, however, it’s vital to make sure that everything is up-to-date. Here are a few tips to help you breathe some fresh air into your resume for 2015! Update Your Accomplishments – Think back to 2014. What did you accomplish last year? Did you further develop your skills with educational webinars? Did you receive additional schooling or receive an award at work? Be… Read more »

Setting Goals For 2015? Rebrand Yourself in the New Year!

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Now that the holiday season is over and our decorations are (mostly) put away, it’s that time of the year in which we assess where we are in life and determine which goals we want to accomplish. When it comes to goal-setting, remember that one or two measurable, specific goals will ensure that you see success. Instead of vowing to shed 30 pounds, work out a couple of days a week, learn a new skill, go back to school, and volunteer, choose only… Read more »

I’ll Never Get Anywhere In This Job

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It’s natural to want to receive recognition for a job well done and to progress in your career. One of the biggest fears that employees have is that they will never receive the kudos they deserve or that they will not reach their full potential in their careers. They don’t want to find themselves in the same position decades later in their careers without having reached a certain salary level, leadership role, influential level, or management position for all of their hard work…. Read more »

My Company Is Clueless

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It’s frustrating to have leaders who have not taken the time to cue in and pay more attention to the things occurring in their organization. When you work in a place in which the leadership at the top is ineffective or indifferent, you can easily feel as if your career – let alone your job – is at risk. You more often than not feel as if you are struggling day in and day out to maintain proper communication with the leaders of… Read more »

I’m Going to Lose My Job!

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One fear that many employees have in this economy is job security. No matter which field an employee is in, it has noticeably become more difficult to find consistency for career growth and advancement. This fact alone means that it’s even more essential than ever for you to take the reins and be your own boss in your career. You need to be willing to reinvent yourself constantly, learn new skills, and see exactly what it is that is expected of you and… Read more »

My Boss Sucks!

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Almost every single employee is afraid of having a bad boss. We fear that after joining an organization, we slowly begin to realize that our boss isn’t who we thought he or she was. Maybe they’re more interested in playing the politics game in the office instead of being a great leader for their employees to follow. Maybe they’re initially charming but have a volatile temper if something doesn’t go their way. Whatever traits a bad boss has, we fear working under such… Read more »

See You in the Big Easy, MSPs!

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Have you heard? The NAMSS 38th Educational Conference & Exhibit is taking place at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside in New Orleans from October 4 through October 8 this year! Be sure to stop by to see me at my very own booth. I will be sharing space again with the wonderful people from IntelliSoft Group. My career development book and credentialing tool will be available for purchase. Plus, there will be a lot of complimentary goodies for you to take advantage of,… Read more »

Hang In Long Enough – This, Too, Shall Pass!

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As MSPs, many of us feel as if we are invisible. Sure, we do the job, hit the deadlines, and ensure that our daily goals are met, but some of us still don’t receive the proper recognition for all the hard work we do every day. It can become quite a daunting task, having to face the day and perform important tasks that no one ever seems to acknowledge. It’s enough to make us want to stay curled up in the safe nest… Read more »

The Only Thing to Fear Is Fear Itself

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Fear and uncertainty are a part of everyday life, especially at work. “What are we going to do about budget cuts?” “Will I be laid off?” This uncertainty makes us question whether we’re good enough or deserve to be where we are. Instead of letting fear pull you down, harness it and let it fuel you to become better. Learn a new skill, take a class, and let fear be your motivator. By bettering yourself, you will become invaluable as an employee. Your… Read more »