Get The 411 on Team Med Global Here!

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Hello, world, and welcome to my blog! I’m so very pleased to be here for all of your healthcare consulting needs! If you don’t know who I am, then sit back and take some notes! My name is Donna Goestenkors – speaker, author, and President of Team Med Global, LLC. I offer expert consultation services in Medical Staff Services functions and in the career development of Medical Services Professionals (MSPs). I have over 36 years of experience in credentialing, privileging, governance, performance improvement,… Read more »

Tap the Power Within You to Make The Changes YOU Want!

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Do you feel stuck working in an organization that doesn’t seem to respect, understand, or appreciate all that you do? You’re not alone! Many MSPs report that one of the their top stressors is feeling that way. If you’re feeling stuck, don’t give up! Realize that you can’t change others, but you can definitely change yourself. YOU have the power – and the responsibility – within you to change yourself and your circumstances. Are you afraid of change? Don’t be. In reality, you… Read more »