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Adjusting Your Compass: Obstacles Are Opportunities in Disguise

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Nobody’s perfect. Being human means that we all have our own sets of disabilities, frailties, and insecurities, and we won’t be 100% successful in our endeavors. But if we want to achieve anything in life, we must be willing to try, no matter what and to never give up. It’s true that fear can provide quite a negative impact on our lives. It can stop us from reaching out to achieve our goals and realize our dreams. We might think that because of… Read more »

KNOWLEDGE POINTS – Terry Joye, Administrative Assistant in Quality Management

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July’s Knowledge Points segment spotlights Terry Joye, Administrative Assistant in Quality Management at Baptist Health, Alabama. She had been an Administrative Assistant in Medical Staff Services for 2 years prior to her current position. Terry asked if I would help her improve her confidence, create packaging to showcase her talent, and also enhance her overall presentation as she was practicing interviewing to see what the current job market experience was like. She wants to dominate her profession! While out in the field interviewing,… Read more »

Confidence Is the New Smile! ☺

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I believe that when someone possesses confidence that they are more attractive than those who lack it. Those with confidence seem competent, and they appear to possess a charismatic power – it’s quite a powerful feeling to have, and it can make a room full of commotion just halt in its tracks. If you’re reading this and are thinking that you’re a lost cause because you don’t come by confidence naturally, don’t worry! If you don’t naturally possess confidence, you can definitely learn… Read more »

Medical Staff Services Is an Art!

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The art of Medical Staff Services is helping MSPs be competent and to be the best versions of themselves. Just like painters, it requires exclusive devotion, honing skills, and following one’s passions. While no actual art supplies are necessary (aside from perhaps your favorite ballpoint pen!), we must use our skillset and knowledge to help solve the obstacles before us every day and better the world around us. We each have a light within us, a gift for us to use to help… Read more »

Knowledge Points

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People who are looking seriously at progressing themselves throughout their organization need resources. Sadly, we know that there aren’t many tools in our industry – in fact, there aren’t any career development tools. This is where my Career Book comes into play! In order to be an executive, you must begin to believe you ARE one and then begin treating yourself like the CEO of you! This means taking the initiative to better yourself instead of waiting for your boss to give you… Read more »

Extraordinary Is an Attitude!

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We as MSPs oftentimes fear that we are not good enough, not capable enough, and that we would serve better silently instead of voicing our ideas. This month, I challenge you to believe that you are more capable, more exceptional, and certainly more extraordinary than you think! MSPs need to let their gifts radiate! There are things that we need to be responsible for so that we can share these fantastic gifts with our team of people. One of those things is to… Read more »

Knowledge Points – Kudos to Donna

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  As the multiple conferences and educational events of Spring 2013 are winding down, I had the pleasure of  encountering many amazing new colleagues as well as reuniting with old friends. I was humbled and honored to receive such wonderful feedback in my inbox about the effect that my team and I had on so many of you. Please find strength in these words – we are never alone! Check out these fantastic quotes below! Kudos to Donna! * “Donna – The whole… Read more »

Knowledge Points: Insight From the Trenches, Part 3

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For our final week of “Insight From the Trenches,” we wish to highlight Shirley Whitley, CPMSM, CPCS, a Physician Practice MSP who had worked at Charleston Area Medical Center and has over 40 years of experience. Shirley, who is now retired as of 2012, had been very involved in her career with Charleston Area Medical Center in Charleston, West Virginia. One of the biggest pieces of advice that Shirley has provided to all MSPs out there is to get involved. “Be sure to… Read more »

The Future is Brighter Than You Think!

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All day long, we hear about so much negativity on the news, in the newspapers, in magazines splayed out in the grocery store, and in all the other media outlets. Our friends, colleagues, and family seem more stressed than normal, perhaps fretting over the economy, over the job market, or even just about personal stressors and events in their lives. MSPs might feel hopeless at times, too. They know they work hard yet aren’t always recognized for their hard work and contributions. Fear… Read more »

Knowledge Points: Insight From the Trenches, Part 2

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As a result of the MSP Master Class recently held, attendees commented that knowledge and insight can come from nearly anywhere. We wish to share the insight and experience once more in our second segment of Insight From the Trenches! This week, we wish to highlight Linda Pracht, LPN, CHCQM, CPCS, an MSP who works in Managed Care at BCBSKS and has over 30 years of experience. Linda believes that the pursuit of her certification really validated her knowledge. “I found that investing… Read more »