You’ve Got Talent, Baby!

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Hello, my beloved readers! My gift to you this holiday season and as we enter into the New Year is to remind you that “you’ve got talent, baby!”

In my travels during this past year, I have had the pleasure of meeting many of you and one thing that certainly rings true is simply how much talent MSPs possess. In addition to their ability to masterfully perform their jobs and effectively communicate with others, they each have a unique gift, something special that they bring to their organizations.

MSPs know how to get results. These results keep them motivated to try even harder, to learn more and do more – all while maintaining a positive attitude.

Did you know that other people are drawn to confidence, talent, and competence? This is the source of success for MSPs! It is this passion that propels them toward excellence and drives their decisions.

Some MSPs might not know what their passion exactly is right now or they may have a hard time articulating what their core talents are. If you’re one of those MSPs, don’t let that discourage you. Remember, you already have something special to offer, something that is unique from anyone else.

Others are fortunate to know what brings them joy, what keeps them going, and how to describe their strongest characteristics and attributes. Their passion and talents just bubble out of them. Regardless if you are young on the journey of discovering your talent and passion or are on your successful career journey already, it is important that MSPs take some time to reflect on themselves, to name and write down those qualities that they believe about themselves and those things others have recognized in them.

As you prepare for 2013, think about what your family, friends, and others are saying about you, how they describe you and the things that you do. By practicing active listening skills, you will begin to recognize the things you do so naturally are the gifts that make you – you! This can be your first glimpse in seeing yourself through others until you can believe in all of your goodness for yourself. You see, MSPs, “you’ve got talent, baby!” Once you accept yourself just as you are, in all your glory, you are well on the road to begin your best you.

You have so much to share – let yourself shine!

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