The Importance of Being Earnest – How Honesty and Integrity Propel Your Career

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There are several qualities that good leaders possess that make them effective, but perhaps the two greatest core qualities MSPs must have are honesty and integrity.

I possess and practice these two qualities in my personal and professional life, and my reputation has been built upon these foundational principles. If I can credit anything for helping me thrive in my industry, it is these two core principles.

It’s one thing to survive in your job, but it is quite another thing to thrive and evolve. In order to flourish, you MUST demonstrate honesty and integrity in your personal and professional lives!

The Eyes of the World Are Watching – It may seem a bit daunting to think about, but we must remember that others are always watching us. If we haven’t been honest in a situation, other people will already know that we have been dishonest, no matter how “safe” we think we are. With each situation in which we are dishonest, our respect from others is weakened, and our authority as a leader becomes undermined. Many people, including staff, stakeholders, and bosses, can recognize phoniness and hypocrisy right off the bat. Remember, even if some people are fooled many times, few are fooled all of the time!

Tactfulness and Kindness Will Get You Far – Research in behavioral science reveals that praise is one of the world’s most effective tools a leader can posses. There are some situations in which MSPs must be politically savvy and tactful when interacting or dealing with a sensitive issue. For example, when we are trying to motivate team members or others, we have to understand to focus on the positive whenever possible. Remember the old adage: 3 points of praise should be stated for every criticism. Sometimes that means we have to personally assess if full-blown honesty is in the best interest of others, but only you can make that choice.

Unethical Leaders Never Prosper – One of the things that can really crawl under our skin and bother us to no end is when we see or know of others who are dishonest or unethical yet get ahead. While they may seem to have the upper hand, remember that it is only temporary. Their unethical practices don’t truly bring success and happiness in the end. Just keep your head up high and continue being honest in your practices. You will find that YOU will prosper in the end!

Respect Yourself and Celebrate Your Successes – If you lack respect for yourself, then what do you really have? Respecting yourself does not mean that you lord yourself over your colleagues; it simply means that you are proud of your accomplishments, know your limitations, and challenge yourself to surpass those limitations. A good leader doesn’t just give out orders for others to do; he or she also gets down to the same level and helps out with the workload in order to get the job done. At the end of the day, it is also important to enjoy your success and contentment through the honest achievement of your effort. It is a practice that I employ in my profession, and it has served me well. I think it can serve you well, too!

For those of you who connect with these core leadership qualities, we can wear this badge of pride and honor together! If you have any questions or tips for other MSPs out there, I would love to hear from you! Please feel free to contact me at or at (618) 830-0057. You can also see how I can further help you when you visit my website at Until then, my dear colleagues, SMILE!

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