The Future is Brighter Than You Think!

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All day long, we hear about so much negativity on the news, in the newspapers, in magazines splayed out in the grocery store, and in all the other media outlets. Our friends, colleagues, and family seem more stressed than normal, perhaps fretting over the economy, over the job market, or even just about personal stressors and events in their lives. MSPs might feel hopeless at times, too. They know they work hard yet aren’t always recognized for their hard work and contributions.

Fear not, MSPs! The future of the medical staff services industry is indeed brighter than you might think it is!

The recent arrival of the season of spring brings forth the opportunity for a fresh start, new perspective, and renewed motivation. This position that each of you currently holds does have influence and power. How you convert this power will be dependent on your organization’s culture but also, more importantly, on your actions! It’s the responsibility of every MSP to assess their skills and to reinvent themselves to exceed the expectations of their organizations, and NOW is the perfect time to do so!

Remember, with every challenge that comes your way also comes the opportunity to create something new and to solve the problem at hand, and that’s what you as MSPs do so well!

MSPs are living in an extraordinary time! The practice of conducting credentialing verifications has become much more systemized, more standardized, and more automated because of the benefits that technology has brought to all of us. This reality also allows you to use your critical thinking skills to ensure that the science of credentialing remains intact! The boundaries of where MSPs practice grow broader every day. Some of the traditional ways you perform your work may not be as effective as they once were.

What will it take for MSPs to look at these possibilities and challenges in a different, more positive way? Embrace automation, reach out to your colleagues and others in your organization to streamline your processes, participate in industry social sites to learn more from one another, take risks, and become an ongoing learner. Make your everyday experiences be your classroom!

So when you feel exasperated, unappreciated, and yes, even hopeless at times, lift your chin up, and think positive thoughts. Future opportunities will become brighter than you think!

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