MSPs Are All Heart!

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Yes, you read that correctly. As an MSP, you bring a strong sense of care and compassion to your organization. You are helpful, thoughtful, and empathetic in all that you do. Others notice when you walk into the room. Why? Because you exude an aura of radiant kindness and understanding wherever you go.

Does this sound like you? It should! MSPs are caring individuals who strive to empower others and nurture the abilities of those around them. They provide a window to the world for their providers and reach out to their colleagues on both a local and global scale to collaborate in order to improve their services in the name of patient safety. These traits and actions make MSPs absolutely priceless to their organizations!

Unfortunately, some colleagues in the industry have strayed from the path of love and kindness. Many are unwilling to share their hearts and knowledge points with others, to reach out for a helping hand when they need it, or to set attainable goals for themselves. They have forgotten the true reason why they involved themselves in this industry – to help patients, their colleagues, and yes, even themselves.

There is so much negativity out there these days. It can be very easy to become encumbered in a sticky mess of apathy, anxiety, and anger. Resist the urge to slide into the pit of negativity. Continue doing what MSPs do best – raising the bar for patient wellness, for how we treat each other, and for your own personal and professional goals. Be welcoming and positive toward everyone you meet, even if they don’t give you kindness back. Positivity is infectious, and your good light can spread to those around you very quickly! Continue to reinvent yourselves and share the love with your colleagues. If you’ve discovered a more efficient way of tackling a tricky procedure, get your heads together and share your experience! Exude passion in everything that you do. Take stock in where you are each day and take the necessary actions to better yourself, whether that involves furthering your education, swallowing your pride to get help from a colleague, or volunteering to lead a discussion at your next meeting. You’ll be amazed at how much brighter the world around you will appear!

Remember, MSPs, with your passionate hearts you can change the world! Each of us is responsible for creating a better future, so don’t be afraid to get out there, share the love, and SMILE!

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