Hey, MSPs! It’s Time to Update Your GPS and Find Your True North!

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The GPS is a wonderful invention that many of us take for granted. It points us in the right direction and tells us the best way to go to get to our destination ahead.

Not only can this device be found in our vehicles, but they can also be found within ourselves. We follow a compass, so to speak, to help direct ourselves to what we feel is right or what will lead us to more success.

So what is the future direction for Medical Services careers?

Here’s my prediction – you will be increasingly called upon to manage a large variety of projects, many related to your institution’s business growth, with sharp focus on the organization’s bottom line.

Executives think globally with focus and specific direction. Those who are successful share one common trait: they believe in themselves and are generally confident in the risks they take, while recognizing that mistakes are part of their everyday business life.

What does this mean for your professional/career development? Visualize a simple compass and think about direction with “true” north centered at the top of the instrument. The focus – true north – has not changed, BUT the methods certainly have. Now, visualize our newest “compass,” the Global Positioning System (GPS), which we consult to find our location and enable extremely accurate navigation.

So what is driving Medical Services careers? To find the answers we seek, we must look at new career development practices used by today’s successful medical professionals.

What do these professionals share?

*These professionals plan for the future and include knowledge from past and present experience.

*They know that they must exercise personal leadership and perform critical analysis, using flexibility, creativity, and innovation.

*They also take personal responsibility for gaining the education and other resources necessary for success.

Remember, YOU are in charge of your career. You will shape your future principally by the choices you make today about your skill sets, competencies, and overall direction. This means change and overcoming fear of the unknown. Just remember, you are not alone, unless you choose to be.

Take these three proactive steps TODAY to point yourself in the right direction – to true north:

1.     Ask questions using the many resources you have available, and thoughtfully consider the answers.

2.     Position yourself by committing to your own “true north,” and take action to assure your career satisfaction.

3.     Know in your heart how critical your work is to the patients in your institution.

Remember, never ever stop believing in yourself – YOU truly matter! Find your “true north” to be more successful in your career!

To learn more about how to update your GPS and find your “true north” or for more pointers, feel free to contact me at (618) 830-0057, email me at donna@teammedglobal.com, or visit our website at www.teammedglobal.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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