Embrace Your Emotional Intelligence to Be Successful!

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The second semester of the Executive MSP Program is moving along swimmingly with classes beginning August 13. I am blown away by the strong response we had from all academic levels to participate in this upcoming semester, and my education team cannot wait to begin classes with these Executive MSPs in the making!

While many technical and career development subjects are discussed and explored in the Executive MSP Program, one of the most requested courses is emotional intelligence. This month, I’ve decided to dedicate this newsletter’s main article to emotional intelligence and why it’s so important in every facet of our lives.

The idea of emotional intelligence was first popularized more than 20 years ago, and its value has increased dramatically since then. This ability to identify emotions in yourself and others, recognize these emotions’ effects, and use that information to guide your behavior plays into how we process information and interact with one another.

Emotions are ingrained in our being – they are what make us human, and they can greatly influence our every decision. When you learn to acknowledge and embrace your feelings, you can begin taking pivotal steps in using them to work for you, rather than against you, when taking action or building healthier relationships with others.

You can learn even more about emotional intelligence and how it can influence your life in the Executive MSP Program! Open registration for the third semester will begin this fall, and the 10-week course will begin in January 2019.

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