Confidence Is the New Smile! ☺

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I believe that when someone possesses confidence that they are more attractive than those who lack it. Those with confidence seem competent, and they appear to possess a charismatic power – it’s quite a powerful feeling to have, and it can make a room full of commotion just halt in its tracks.

If you’re reading this and are thinking that you’re a lost cause because you don’t come by confidence naturally, don’t worry! If you don’t naturally possess confidence, you can definitely learn it and develop it!

How does one develop confidence and maintain it? By following these 10 tips, you, too, can begin to cultivate and exude confidence wherever you go and in whatever you do!

1. Observe others. Take the time to sit back and watch how others operate. Be sure to keep a careful eye on the ones who appear confident and poised in your eyes and take notes to help you cultivate your own confidence!

2. Read, read, read! There are many great resources out there to help you develop your sense of confidence! Grab a book at your local bookstore or library or read some great material online. You’ll find that there are several sources that you can turn to in order to help you develop confidence!

3. Practice or role-play. You know what they say – practice makes perfect! Take a few minutes in your day to practice being confident. I personally practice in the mirror, especially right before going into a difficult meeting, and I feel that it really works! So stand up straight, roll back your shoulders, lift your chin, think powerful thoughts, and SMILE!

4. Associate with confident people. Sit back, watch, and learn. Take notice of how these people carry themselves when they speak to you and others around you. Try your best to adopt these qualities yourself!

5. Fake it till you make it. There are some studies out there that suggest that smiling, even when you don’t feel like it, can make you feel better, happier, and more confident. So even when you don’t feel like being confident, get up, dress up, show up, and never give up!

6. Sound confident. Observe the tone of your voice and your body language throughout the day. Do you find that you talk with a steady tone and stand erect and relaxed, or do you speak in hushed tones and walk slightly hunched over and with your arms close to your body? Each time you find yourself exhibiting signs that aren’t confident, do your best to correct your body language and voice to make you sound and appear more confident!

7. Ask people whom you trust what they believe could be holding you back. Sometimes we need to hear others’ thoughts and opinions on what’s going on, especially if it concerns us. Ask them if there are any characteristics or traits that you possess that could be blocking your way to becoming more confident.

8. Visualize! Sometimes thinking of yourself as confident can be quite powerful. At the beginning of your day, take a moment to think of yourself as cool, poised, and confident, and you’ll be amazed at how you react!

9. Learn from your mistakes. None of us are perfect; after all, we’re only human! Don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes or feel less confident than you want to from time to time. Just learn from your mistakes, pick yourself back up, and start again!

10. Finally, take risks. Nothing in life worth anything comes easily and without risk. So go ahead – stand up tall, speak up, and take a risk!

All in all, gaining confidence has to start from within. Take even just one step to change it and practice it! J

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