5 Ways to Be a Positive Force in a Toxic Environment

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MSPs, you and I both know that there is so much negativity going on in our worlds. It can seem nearly impossible to maintain an optimistic, cheerful disposition when we receive little to no recognition and work longer hours with fewer resources available to us. Our bosses may often disregard the value that we give to an organization, and we may also find ourselves mired in a world of miasma materialized from our colleagues’ frustrated grumblings and overwhelmed worries.

As insurmountable as it may seem, you truly can become a strong, positive oasis in the midst of a toxic environment!

Recently, I held an MSP centered-care webinar, and I was floored by the incredible feedback I received from everyone who attended. In the same spirit, I want to give you 5 crucial points that I had presented from the webinar, which will allow you to flourish as a positive MSP!

Tap into Your Emotional Intelligence – You’ve probably heard that it’s wise to lead with your head and not your heart. Why not both? Use your emotional intelligence – the ability to identify emotions within yourself and others and understand how they affect those around you – to your advantage! Think beyond yourself and try to see what others may need. Extend a helping hand to a colleague who is usually on her game but is overwhelmed with last-minute work. Surprise a beleaguered coworker with his favorite coffee and a pastry. Even simply having a positive interaction with another person can have a remarkable effect!

Watch Your Self-Talk – Negativity wears on us emotionally in time. While we have to be able to deflect toxicity on a regular basis, even the strongest people will eventually feel its effects. This is where self-talk comes in. We cannot allow ourselves to speak poorly of ourselves; it will only serve to tear us down further. Do what you can to speak kindly to yourself and resist absorbing the negativity around you!

Balance Your Responsibilities – It is vital that we as MSPs balance our work and responsibilities both in the field and at home. Try not to let one carry over into the other. Prioritize your to-do list and set manageable daily goals at work. At the end of the workday, make it a point to unplug and give your attention to those who need you at home. Maintaining a healthy work/life balance can help you remain positive day in and day out!

Set Boundaries – Stress can be found in any environment, but when you find yourself needing to do more with less, you may feel the pressure even more. Remember, while you may not be able to change everything, you have the power to decide whether you will be consumed by stress or whether you’ll rise above it. If you feel drained because others are using you as a sounding board too often, kindly ask them for a break so you may recharge. Don’t entertain negative actions like gossiping or backbiting, and encourage positive interactions, humility, and humor. Setting and maintaining your boundaries will win you respect from others and help give you peace of mind.

Take Care of Yourself – At some point, we have to learn to let go of what we cannot control or affect. If you’re feeling a bit overrun, reach out to someone who you see as a positive influence for a little pick-me-up. If there’s too much drama happening around you, seek positivity from within. Life is too short to wallow in negativity!

Due to the feedback that we received from our program a few weeks ago, we will be discussing this topic in the Executive MSP Program! If you want to learn more about how you can become a positive force to be reckoned with and further your career as a successful MSP, sign up for next semester’s classes! Open registration will begin October 1 and will end on the 31st. I hope to see you there! SMILE!

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